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       Posted by AND4MAKES9 Posted March 3, 2011 View Comments 6      
What do you want in a Swingers Club?
Following a conversation with several "friend" couples about swingers clubs, it became obvious that we all liked different things from those clubs. So in light of my desire to know more, my question to other couples in the lifestyle is this....what are those things that will make or break your desire to socialize swingers clubs? What amenities are a must for you? What sort of things do you expect a club to provide? What services should be the norm?

by ASIANIRISHCRM on December 30, 2011
We have found that we enjoy these things the most.Have to have:  Good working air conditioning,cleans sheets and towels,dj that knows how to work the crowd,large play areas..Nice to have:Lockers to secure personal items,tables closer to each other,porn on tv's,shower/bathroom in playroom and a non clickish crowd..

by SMOOCHES1969 on December 29, 2011
if there were a bathroom in the playroom, so you dont have to cross the dance floor.
and karoke nights.
oh, and if cookielj were there.

by SECRETSERVICE1 on March 8, 2011
Well apart from the normal things you would like to find at a swingers club there is one thing i find a shortage of,somewhere to have a conversation where you can seat near to people so a conversation can take place without noisey music or the sofas being so far apart that it is hard to start a conversation.

Theresa x

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