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       Posted by CURIOUSFLADUO Posted September 8, 2010 View Comments 6      
House Parties VS "The Club"
I posted this in the wrong place methinks, so am going to post it here in hopes of some good lively opinion!

We thought we drop a quick post here to poll you sexy swingers on something. My wife and I have been on the fringes of the lifestyle for 5+ years. Most dabbling until really the last 3 years when we dove in the deep end for awhile. We've had amazing experiences and are always up for keeping it fresh, new and exciting.

Now the question...House Party? Or The Club?  We enjoy Trapeze and what it has to offer, but we find it hard to "connect" with a couple out front before it's time to go in the back and see what chemistry you can drum up. Its definitely more throw yourself in the dog pile and wallow around with the other sets of bucking hips! Now don't get me wrong, there's X amount of that which I can "get off on." However...like I said, we like to keep it fresh.

Now, we've only done a couple house parties...one with some newbie friends that we had to vacate pretty quickly, and the other was much more fun. I think we liked the intimate setting and the ability to get to know someone a little before you end up mattress dancing with this peron.

So we are curious your preferences: A) Club   B) House Party
And why?

As we're very social, the wife & I are considering relocating locally in Fort Lauderdale to a House that we can logistically accommodate once or twice monthly parties for upscale, discreet lifestylers. Anonymous can be fun, but sometimes Friends who Fuck is the best ride. Just ask my wife.

So feedback people? Which do you prefer and curious who may be interested in a new, upscale lifestyle house party if feedback is positive???

D & B

by HAITINK on September 20, 2010
We prefer house parties by far but they are always too damned far away or on days we're unavailable so when we're horny we end up in a club.

by RUSSIANCPLE on September 16, 2010

We like quality private partyes where guests are selected! Club meets are great to know people! For us clubs are too crowded and we dont feel intimate in there..
We enjoy more quite and stylish settings with 10-15 couples..Drinks and buffet style food.With some music ,but not loud one!!! You have more chance to get to know people and have fun..

by SEXYDIANA on September 9, 2010
We've never been to a club before,but regularly host and attend house parties. If we are hosting, we would send out invitations to people we have met, and people we are interested in meeting. We have found that most couples interact very well over a few glasses of wine and we keep the party as lively and open as we can.
We have had really positive experiences at the parties, and even if its the same couples at every party, and two or three new faces, you know you're guaranteed a great night!
People feel less intimidated in a house party setting, and are more inc d to approach others and have a chat,before engaging in mattress dancing.

by MIAMIFISH on September 8, 2010
We have never been to a hose party, just never happened. The couple we were invited too seemed a little strange, both were in hotel room. We are leaning towards tring one out though. We have been to all of the local clubs and many in the US. We have been to Trapeze, bith old and new and never got the welcome feeling. the backrooms are way too busy for us. Seems like a freeway most nigths looking for place to land. We used to party at Platos when it was open, went there for years at least 4 times a month. Too bad it was a good place. HEDO was fun and has died out. Have not been to Deenies in a year, but need to revisit it soon. We live in Miami and do Velvet more than anything now, but Velvet is all about who you are and impressing people. Have fun there most times but can get busy. We both like to dance, hang out and talk to different people. In most of the local clubs here people are hesitiant to speak to each other for some reason. Find us a good lively party and we will try it out. Just not a few guys and a couple of girls in a hotel room with a secret password to get it.

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