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Welcome to Swingersclublist.com,
The most up-to-date Free worldwide directory for the swinging lifestyle.

This Free up-to-date and easy to use resource allows users to search for lifestyle friendly businesses worldwide. Read reviews and view ratings of businesses you may wish to use. Post your own reviews and rate businesses based on your own experience.

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This “Help” file offers step by step guidance with detailed descriptions and illustrations to fully explain all categories within this “Club List”.
Simply select the category in which you need additional help.

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Login:          top
*Before you can “Login” you need to create an account by either going to “click here to sign up”
or go to “Add Free Listing”

When you “Login” you can add a new listing and/or make amendments and updates to current listings.
Swingers Club ListClick on “Login”
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Swingers Club ListEnter your password *(You receive this via email once you create an account)
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Listing Information:
Now you are logged into your account you can submit your business by completing the form shown.
When completing the form remember to fill out all the required fields (
*required). Use the drop down menus to select the “Category, Country and State” (if applicable).
Before completing this form we advise you to view other listing within the club list to see how the various details appear. This will help you see how each field is presented when approved!

Additional Options:
Use this feature to include your banner within your listing. Click the “browse…” button and upload your banner from your computer.
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Only upload your banner in JPG “jpeg” or GIF format.

Preferred Listing:
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Simply copy and paste the code into your site in a visible location and include the URL of the page where this link can be found.

This is the requirement for a “Preferred Listing” status.

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When complete “Click” on

Your Listing has now been sent for approval, once approved you will soon appear within the “Club List”. If there are any outstanding issues you will receive an email to resolve these points.

Change Location:          top
Use the “Change Location” to view the various categories from all over the world, simply select the location you wish to view:
Swingers Clublist
Swingers Club ListOnce you click though select the country you wish to view
Swingers Club ListYou can now view all swingers clubs in the country/state you have selected by default.
Swingers Club ListYou can choose to select another category to access various businesses.
Swingers Clublist
Swingers Club ListYou can also sort the selected category by Name, Location, Reviews, and Rating.

Once you select a business you can view their:
Swingers Club ListBanner
Swingers Club ListDescription
Swingers Club ListContact Details

You can “Click” on the selected business link and view their website (if they have a preferred listing, a link/banner on their site to SDC.COM)

You can “Post Your Review” from this page (see “Post Your Review”)

Use the “GO BACK” button to navigate back to the previous pages. You can also use the browser forward/back arrows.

Add Free Listing:          top
This function allows you to submit your business to this directory Free of charge. Firstly “Click” on Add Free Listing, then type your email address within the “Register a new account in SwingersClubList”. Once completed “Click” the “Submit” button.

You will receive a confirmation email with your password. Remember to check your junk file!

You can now submit your listing by going to “Login” (See “Login”).

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Swingers Club ListYour banner/Link appears in prime position giving you maximum visibility.
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Swingers Club ListYour banner/link appears within the rotation for all categories, these include “Clubs, Parties/Groups, Hotels/B&B’s,     Shops, Online Business and Literature.
Swingers Club ListAppear above your competitors to better promote your business.
Swingers Club ListOur graphic designers will design your banner for you.

To ensure value for money we allow a maximum of only 5 banners within the rotation to ensure maximum visibility to a highly targeted audience on a first come first serve basis. Appear above your competitors in all categories to better promote your business for as little as $39.99 per month. Our graphic designers will create an attractive and stylish banner for your business allowing for hassle free advertising.

To appear within the banner rotation simply “Click” on “Sponsors”.

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Post Your Review:          top
Post a review of a business or service you have used in the “Swingers Club List”.

When posting your review consider the following points:
Swingers Club ListMost importantly, did you have a positive or negative experience?
Swingers Club ListWhat factors contributed to your experience?
Swingers Club ListWould you use/visit this business again?
Swingers Club ListWould you recommend this business to others?
Swingers Club ListWhat would you change or do differently?

To post a review follow these simple steps:
1. Select the business or service you wish to review.
Swingers Clublist

2. “Click here to post a new review”
Swingers Clublist

3. Fill out all the fields for your review including; Title and comments, be sure to add your rating.
Swingers Clublist

4. When you are happy to post your review click on “Submit Form” and you have finished.

When posting a review in the “Swingers Club List”. Please do not include any e-mail addresses, account names and links/url’s as this is irrelevant for this service. Reviews containing such information will not be approved.

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