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Trapeze Club


4470 commerce drive SW

Atlanta , Georgia




404 699 0100


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Club Rating
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Reviews 56

Club Details

Club Size
12000 square feet
Max. Occupancy 700 people
Playroom Occupancy 200 people
Alcohol Sold BYOB
Food Available
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area No
Outside Area No
Massage Area No
Sauna No
Jacuzzi Yes
Swimming Pool Yes
Smoking Allowed
in smoking area only
Private Rooms Yes
Private Locker Yes

Operating Time and Entrance fees:

  Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed N/A N/A N/A
Tuesday Closed N/A N/A N/A
Wednesday 8pm-3am $40 $15 $75
Thursday 8pm-3am $35 $15 $45
Friday 8pm-4am $70 $15 $75
Saturday 8pm-4am $80 $15 couples only
Sunday 8pm-3am $40 $15 couples only

Membership Fees:
Couples Annual Membership $300
Couples 2 Months $50
Single Male 1 Month $100
Single Male 2 Months $150
Single Female 3 Months $50

SDC members discount/benefits:
Friday Parties - $15 Discount for SDC Couples before 12am
Saturday Parties - $20 Discount for SDC Couples before 12am
NOTE - Must be on the Guest List to receive the discounts

Hotel recommendations:
Country Inn & Suites,
2175 Church Road,
GA 30080
(404) 564-1105

Trapeze Club Description

The Unique Club for Swingers
Trapeze provides a safe and sensual environment for consenting adults to enjoy their uninhibited lifestyle. Explore your fantasies in a unique and exciting upscale dinner and dance club atmosphere.

Trapeze the most talked about & busiest swingers club in the country.
Now, you can actually taste from the vine all of the erotic pleasures offered to you at TRAPEZE.

The nation's #1 on-premise swingers club is a private membership club located on Commerce Dr in Atlanta, sizzling with non-stop, hot & erotic excitement, Wednesday through Sunday night. Without question, the club that has achieved world wide acclaim.

10,000 sq ft, upscale in every detail. We have it "all" at Trapeze! Come to where all of the hot & sexy couples and singles party, a Garden of Eden, where forbidden fantasies and desires become reality. Dance to the wee hours to our multi talented DJ, dine at our gourmet dinner buffet served nightly. Tantalize your desires with new open and uninhibited adventures. Experience for real, what dreams are really made of.
Our amenities include, complete BYOB bar service, state of the art lighting and sound systems, open party rooms, private rooms, beautifully appointed back lounge area, private lockers, showers, hot tubs, valet parking and much much more.

As you enter Trapeze, you will be greeted by our courteous and friendly staff who will assist you with registration


4470 SW Commerce Drive
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: (404) 699-0100

Club Hours

Wednesday & Thursday: 8 PM to 3 AM
Friday & Saturday: 8 PM to 4 AM
Sunday: 8 PM to 3 AM

More About Trapeze

Mix and mingle on our Dance Floor. Outrageous lighting and great music played by our live DJ really gets the mood going. At the Bar and on the Dance floor, then move to a beautiful, dimly lit INTIMATE LOUNGE with comfortable couches in a plush surrounding . . . erotic Intimacy second-to-none!

Our large bars (BYOB) and friendly bartenders are waiting to serve you. Lots of seating Soda, Juices & set-ups included Gourmet Dinner Buffet. Bring Your Own Bottle and it will be numbered with your personal membership number. You'll find swinging at its finest at Trapeze.

*Membership Required

Trapeze Club Reviews:  

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Title: Over Rated Date:10/20/2017 11:18:16 AM  
  We recently moved back to Atlanta and have had the opportunity to go to Trapeze a few times after seeing clubs in other parts of the country.

The location sucks - this is really no different than any club we have been to. You have to be in a part of town where the locals won't try to shut you down constantly. The valet is a great fix to problematic parking and a dark area so this is a plus.

The club itself is nice on the inside, not the best we have seen but well kept and pleasant. Unfortunately smoking is allowed on the only dance floor and in the main bar area so we never have been able to enjoy this part of the club. I have not seen another club that has the smoking section as the main section of the club. The music is terrible on most nights and caters towards the older crowd which is fine most times but it does not set the vibe or encourage dancing by the majority.

The playrooms are terrible. There aren't enough of them, they are cramped, hot, and get very little attention from the staff as the night goes on. We have seen so many better options including many clubs where real sheets are on the bed and changed every time someone uses a room. After midnight you have to wait in line for a room and literally dart into one before someone jumps in front of you. Nothing like being really turned on and ready to go and then waiting 30 minutes to find a hot smelly room.

People are allowed to knock on closed doors and jiggle door knobs - Are you fucking kidding me? We addressed this issue with the staff and were told it was totally acceptable and how else could people see if they were invited in. News Flash folks, standard lifestyle etiquette is that when the door is closed, there are no invites. There are also minimal voyeur areas which isn't our thing but something we see everywhere else. The addition of lace curtains, etc. to allow people to watch or be watched and not interrupted would be nice.

Single men - unlike those of you who think you define the lifestyle and that couples only play with couples ,my wife and I enjoy single men when they are attractive and polite. Single men should be allowed on nights other than Friday if they are with a couple. We have met some awesome hot guys at Trapeze and only a couple that are problems. The problems only exist because management condones it (jiggling on door knobs and knocking). This isn't a single guy issue, its a management issue plain and simple. Other clubs that we frequented before moving did not allow singles in the back area without a couple and if there were any signs of an issue they were gone. This doesn't mean couples complaining, let's face it, some of you are assholes and get bent over a guy saying hello to you. People should be treated with respect, even the single men who are respectful to you. Would it kill you to have a conversation and say "we aren't interested in single play"? But, we also know a lot of couples enjoy singles and if Trapeze did a better job managing their club you would not see the issues you see from time to time.

VIP area - I would love to say we have been there but we get to the club around 10:30 or 11pm and you can't get a tour, not even a walk through. Our friends have been a couple of times and summarized it as segregation at it's finest. Why should I have to pay twice to have a good experience? I guess it might keep me away from "undesirables" as I have seen in a few comments. As a privileged white guy I can tell you what that actually means "it keeps the poor people and non-white people out, well you know except for those colored people with money, they are actually not bad". VIP in most clubs secures you a table, or a booth WITH everyone else and adds to your experience rather than completely changing it.

Trapeze gets top ratings obviously due to volume of people that go versus what they provide. I would agree that parties hosted by SDC etc. are considerably better than the clubs normal offering. Unfortunately it is one of the few games in town so we still end up making the mistake of going from time to time. Out of 6 trips in a few months we have regretted 5 of them. So much potential in this club but it is mismanaged - kill the smoking in the main bar and dance floor, stop the knocking on the playrooms, allow singles but keep them in the main area unless invited back, and you could actually live up to your reputation.

  Rating: 3


Title: VIP Room is great. Date:6/26/2016 1:17:34 PM  
  The VIP portion of the club is inviting and creates a comfortable environment to mingle and play. There are several staff members and the service is quite good. Pay for the upgrade and you'll have a much better experience.

The other play area however invites a far larger and less desirable crowd. There is not enough space nor staff to take care of the guests.

Saturday nights are best to avoid the pushy and inappropriate single men.

Front of the club rates a 7
VIP rates a 9
Main play room rates a 5

  Rating: 8


Title: VIP Room has ruined the rest of the club Date:6/21/2016 11:50:17 AM  
  We used to love this place - often going 4 or 5 times a month. We haven't been in 6 months and when we left the last time - we promised each other this was the last time.
  Rating: 3


Title: VIP Room Great - Other Half Not So Much Date:5/12/2016 9:44:39 PM  
  We love the new VIP club. Higher quality couples and few, if any, single men. The décor is higher end and the bar staff is very good.

The front area is a like a regular club. Bar, dj and dance floor. The food is just ok.

The main play room is hit or miss. Watch out for aggressive single men. Saturday nights sponsored by the swinger sites are usually well attended with quality couples.

  Rating: 8


Title: None of the Former Thrill Date:11/1/2015 11:13:06 PM  
  Went to Trapeze a few weeks ago. It was our first visit in about a year. Wow, what a change. There were a few positives but overall the club has declined dramatically.
The Good
1. Breakfast was decent and the buffet area was reasonably clean.
2. Locker room staff was very pleasant and helpful.
3. Bartenders were all polite and accomodating, if not energetic and engaging.
The Bad
1. For a Saturday night, attendance was limited.
2. The back rooms of the club have been renovated leaving fewer quiet corners to engage.
3. Cleanliness was questionable.
4. Most disappointing was the clientele. There was screaming going on across the big orgy room. It felt more like being at a street party (and not at a street you want to be on) than at a sex club.
5. Single men were wandering around unattended. Yes, single. After wathing, we decided that a man and woman entered as a couple. Once inside though, she would basically go hang with her girls strictly to do the bi thing and he was on his own to watch from outside the door or find his own action. This is NOT what Trapeze is supposed to be.

All of this is a dramatic change from a year ago. On that visit, we met several great couples and had a great night. It appears things have changed. We were told by a few patrons that the change was due almost entirely to a new VIP area of the club opening. If that was the case, you would think they would have suggested or offered a VIP membership. Not so. We will not go back. It was not a good experience at all.

  Rating: 1


Title: Fred & China Lets Do It Again Date:7/6/2015 3:31:31 PM  
  We Had A Great Time We Hooked Up with A Swap session it was great. Can't wait to do it again. Hey Fred From South Ga. Look Us up
  Rating: 8


Title: WOW WHAT A WASTE Date:6/5/2015 12:51:06 AM  
  We went to this club, and all I can say is save your money. Unfriendly, money hungry, and just down right waste. I have been to both locations and all I can say is you'd have more fun at your kids st patty's day party.
  Rating: 1


Title: trapeze Date:3/14/2015 4:10:00 AM  
  This club gets boring after a few visits.
1. The music never changes and the adj never takes requests.
2. Dinner is OK but breakfast is blend and unappealing.
3. Since they have the famous diamond club the general side of the club has declined considerably
4. Even before 4am, the bouncer is on your face sweeping the floor and making rounds like rushing people to get out, very awkward!
5. There's no effort on behalf of the club to help people mingle with fun activities during supposedly special themes
6. Trapeze Atlanta should learn a little bit from their club in forth Lauderdale and apply it here.
We have not come back because think is not worth the money

  Rating: 2


Title: Great Friday Night at the Trap Date:1/18/2014 1:00:47 AM  
  On Friday night the club was filled with single males along with a few dozen couples. After surveying the premises for an hour, we took a seat outside one of the play rooms. My wife sat on one angle of the sofa facing me. A few minutes later we invited a black gentleman that she had been eyeing to take a seat. Within moments he was caressing her breasts and asked if she would like for him to go down on her. She said yes with a sly smile. He quickly noticed her piercing and used his tongue to perfection. Within minutes 8 men gathered and she took the opportunity to start stroking moving from cock to cock. She moved over to me and put my dick in her while she brought them to climax after climax. We went to the showers to clean up then went to the buffet area. A few minutes later the black gentleman that started it all came to join us at the table. He began to rub her legs and quickly had his fingers inside her. She got the okay nod from me and started to go down on him. It escalated quickly and chairs were pushed away as he bent her over the table. For the next 15 minutes he pounded her while having my cock in her mouth. Always a gentleman, he wore a condom as requested. She allowed him to fill it up as he rocked inside her. Although suffering from a few rug burns on her knees from the carpet it was a fantasy come true at the best club we have ever visited.
  Rating: 10


Title: Awful Wednesdays Date:8/29/2013 12:36:04 AM  
  As if the music wasn't LOUD enough in front area, Now they have placed bigger speakers in pool area. So now ya have to yell to talk in front and yell in the back. Also they have added some LAME comedians for Wednesday nights, YIKES! Hopefully its our LAST time. Maybe someone will open a customer/member friendly club that will cater to the clients
  Rating: 1


Title: Nicest in the Southeast Date:4/28/2013 9:57:03 PM  
  Been attending Trapeze Atlanta for the past 9 months after spending 4 years attending The Estate & CF prior. What were we thinking? Trapeze is easily 10 times betrter. Everyting about it is better including the clientel. Trap is a first class facility and staffed with neat, attractive hard woring staff. Top quality food as well. NIce attractive crowds every times we have visited.
  Rating: 10


Title: Concern For All Members Date:3/18/2012 1:13:58 AM  
  I wanted to post because of a major concern about the Trapeze club. My girl friend and I joined and paid $125.00 for a membership and fees toenter the Trapeze Club without problem on a Saturday night, but when my wife went to the back without me the management made me leave an hour after I arrived, I tried to find my wife there but among the big crowd she was in one of the rooms playing without me, but the management made me leave without her until she came out. This was very scarry and wanted to warn everybody.
  Rating: 1


Title: Thumbs up! Date:2/29/2012 9:24:53 PM  
  We go at least once a month and always enjoy ourselves! We normally go on Saturday's which is couples night and sometimes on Friday's. Friday night's they do let single men come in to the club (they do have a cpls only room for cpls only play)but we have actually meet more couples on Friday nights.
  Rating: 10


Title: nice club Date:1/28/2012 5:20:59 PM  
  to many black men on friday nignt
  Rating: 10


Title: Great Club Date:11/13/2011 10:28:22 AM  
  We went to the club this past Friday, all we can say is wow! Clean and sexy place to go, staff was very friendly. Cannot wait to get back there.
  Rating: 10


Title: Great swing club Date:11/4/2011 4:49:53 PM  
  We love Trapeze and the crowd it draws! The new remodel makes it one of the nicest if not the nicest swing club in the country! We attend usually once a month or 45 days for sure and love the parties, people and sexy atmoshphere. We usually attend during SDC night as the crowds are always the largest and we find the hotest. The staff is friendly.

  Rating: 10


Title: The new trap Date:4/20/2011 5:51:11 PM  
  Well trap got a face lift. It's gorgeous and upscale interior make it feel like a real palace to party in. However the music has taken a dramatic nosedive. If trap is looking to appeal to the 50 and over crowd well even they have been complaining. Rap music is now considered to gangster. So were stuck in the disco era. And only the top 20 as long as the top 20 isn't rap. I love the fact that I can dance my ass off in the front. And get down in the back. Only now I pay a lot to go to a club I only half experience. They should at least allow the dj to play what is requested. Instead I'm always turned down. So I ask when you go to trap we request the good music back. If nothing else at least request should be accepted.
  Rating: 7


Title: Great Place Date:3/30/2011 2:01:12 AM  
  Been Going to the Trap for 2 years staff and food is always great never really done a lot with other couples but always playing grab ass and on the dance floor getting the penguin effect in full swing. Love meeting new couples and the staff is awesome. BYOB is a great plus. The remodel is going well cant wait to see it finished. If your in ATL. and looking for something different than the same old bar scene then this is the place to be. Look out its a TRAP! LoL see you there.
  Rating: 10


Title: Great first visit Date:3/14/2011 2:44:56 PM  
  We have been talking about going to a club for a long time and finally got the opportunity and nerve at the same time and went to Trapeze. Driving there we were both very nervous and cautious and feeling "I'm gonna hurl", but from the second we arrived the nerves went away and we felt very comfortable. The staff and members were extremely friendly and helpful. The place got packed quick and there were people of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. We definitely didn't feel out of place. Later in the night we went to the back room and had a lot of fun. It was great and we will def. be back when we can.
  Rating: 10


Title: Best Club in Country Date:1/1/2011 8:58:02 PM  
  This is a great club for both Couples and Singles.

On single nights there is a couples only area, that allows the couples that only prefer to play and be watched by couples some privacy. However, there are still plenty of play areas for the couples that prefer both areas (Singles allowed and cuples). This is a huge plus for the singles walking around.
Still a bit pricey compared to clubs around the country. $50 is average price, but still a really nice club.

If you are a new couple, Trapeze sort of pushes you to be a little bit risque with the area that requires a dresscode in the back. This is a good thing...

  Rating: 8


Title: Well... Date:9/7/2010 2:48:51 PM  
  We've been to Trapeze about 6 times in the last 3 months. Good - food, bars, the whole wild vibe. We love starting the action in the large front bar and distracting the folks around us. The facilities in back are very nice and fuctional.
Not So Good - when we read the dress code, we thought it would be enforced. Evidently that's a hit or miss proposition. And the Couples Only room policy needs to be enforced by mgt and respected by the single men. Also, it gets distracting when loud, rude people (couples, mostly) walk through with their conversations at full volume.

Generally, this club is an awesome place that we enjoy immensely.

  Rating: 8


Title: Awesome Club, but need a new D.J. Date:7/31/2010 6:16:09 PM  
  We've been going to the Trap for three years. We've met some great couples there and look forward to meeting many more. However, the D.J. needs some improvement. The music he plays is totally, lame...but my parents would like it. He once told me he was watching the age of the crowd, but seriously...even they don't want hear that junk. And if I hear Marvin Gaye's "Let's get it on" one more time...I'm gonna shove a dildo in my ear. Really.
  Rating: 8


Title: Music to Loud Date:7/21/2010 5:18:51 PM  
  The Club is great. However, the music need to be toned down a little. When in the red room you only hear the base and the pictures rattle on the wall. We have spoke to many other couples that feel the bass is to high. The DJ should also watch the dance floor and see if the music is adding to the enjoyment or tahking away. Hint, if the dance floor is empty change the music. Its not the place to play what you like, do that at home.
  Rating: 10


Title: Opportunities Date:2/4/2010 9:06:40 AM  
  The Trap was a great club needed some updating which has now happend, but the club didnt look at comfort when choosing the updated furniture or spacing with the private rooms they eliminated.Added more locker room space while sacrificing much needed back party space. everthing is closed in now.A simple update of furniture, beds and towels is all they needed. We were frequenting every two weeks. now along with other Friends we are attending more house parties. they did what they did, no turning back. maybe we will be lucky enough if another club with Class opens up in ATL.Its a shame Great club just need to think about drastic changes better.
  Rating: 5


Title: great!! but wrong music Date:8/12/2009 8:29:20 PM  
  the club was great and had a great time. the DJ played only music that she likes, you could tell by the fact that she would not take special requests. Management should ask the guests when they come in about their musical pref. and set up the songs accordingly.
  Rating: 5


Title: We loved our first visit to Trapeze! Date:6/7/2009 7:12:45 PM  
  Thank you Trapeze!!! We are new members from Tennessee and had a wonderful weekend at the club! Your staff are great and we met so many gorgeous couples. It was so fun watching everyone play and we enjoyed the games on both Friday and Saturday night. We will definitely be back! Thanks again.
  Rating: 10


Title: The Trap is back Date:5/16/2009 11:11:32 AM  
  We had not been for a while and Wow.....the premier club in Atlanta is about to become the premier club in the US.

First, a few months ago they fired all the staff and re-tooled. The new management and staff is superb and the Trap is fun again.

But that is just the beginning, hanging on the wall when you come in are the plans for a total redo of the club which starts in a few weeks. They are renovating the entire place section by section (it will remain open during the remodel) what will emerge will be the best Lifestyle Club in the country.

Congratulations and we are so glad we live in Atlanta :-)

  Rating: 8


Title: Swingers4Life Date:5/11/2009 12:08:03 AM  
  My husband and I have been going to Trapeze for the last 3 years. Last year, we stopped going as much as we didn't enjoy the feel of the club anymore and weren't impressed with the staff! But, we went last night and had a great time! There are lots of new staff and members and we will definitely be going back in the future!
  Rating: 10


Title: Great Valentines Date:2/22/2009 8:37:56 PM  
  My husband and I are new to the scene, and were thrilled with atmosphere at Trapeze. We were relaxed, and really enjoyed the couples room and water areas. The staff were all great and informative. We did wish that they enforced the don't touch unless you ask rule which happened on both Friday (singles and couples) and on Saturday (supposedly couples only). However, the men did understand "no" and did not pursue. A couple of the single guys did appear to hover too much, but we just moved to another area and enjoyed the experience. We will definitely go back!!! We give it a 8.5 (men need not hover or touch without asking or it would of been a 10).
  Rating: 8


Title: Great Sex & Fun Date:1/23/2009 1:42:55 AM  
  We have been going to the Trapeze for several years and always had a great time! Our lives got so busy we weren't able to get there for a long time but went recently and had a wonderful time. The food so 5 star, very attractive people that were friendly and fun, the staff caters to you and have great manners topped off by a made to order breakfast. We were satisfied on every level. We give the Trapeze and 10 and plan to go back often Hope to meet you there :)
  Rating: 10


Title: Agree with the reviewer below Date:7/8/2008 8:25:36 AM  
  Trap is definitely the standard bearer in Atlanta but needs some tweaking.

1. It is looking a little tired, needs updating
2. Go back to enforcing towels only in the back (it has gotten so bad you see jogging suits on)
3. Need to keep it cleaner. We have been on some nights when it is actually unsanitary, other nights are better
4. It has also become a second choice for us to house parties

  Rating: 5


Title: trapeze used to be better Date:7/5/2008 5:20:15 PM  
  between allowing the dress code of the client?le to drop from sexy and professional to jeans and sometimes t-shirts, and the hiring of less than professional staff (a big uneducated bouncer who thinks this club is like a wrestling ring for him to show off his strengths) the club is quickly becoming a "second" choice for those of us who had been "regulars" there for years. There are other clubs and many private house parties being hosted weekly as an alternative to going to Trapeze.
  Rating: 3


Title: this is it Date:7/5/2008 1:34:34 PM  
  Very hot and nice swing club. When you think of swining this club is it . I have had a ball there eveytime I have been there. Mid week wednesday are a welcome hot suprise for hump day fun
  Rating: 8


Title: Trapeze Date:7/3/2008 2:39:08 PM  
  We will not go back.
  Rating: 1


Title: lavenderpurple63 Date:6/18/2008 9:52:57 AM  
  My husband and I are a full swap couple. We are looking for friends in and out of the bedroom. However, he has no interst in the club scene. There is do jealousy nor drama and we are both free to play on our own.

I was not sure what to expect going to a club as a single female. I was very happy to find that each of the 4 times I have been at the trap I felt very comfortable and had a great time. Did not feel threatened, pressured, nor reluctant to go back. I was a member of a swingers club in my 20's. That club was great, but the trap takes things to a higher level. I look forward to many more fun nights at the trap.

I do read the trapeze msg board so I can be contacted there. Naturally those that take the time to write me and actually get to know me get my attention.

  Rating: 9


Title: Fun Time Date:5/7/2008 5:06:14 PM  
  I had the opportunity to visit the trapeze in atlanta, my first time. It was a very nice club, friendly people, no one pushed themselves on you! Great MUSIC!, COUPLES ONLY ROOMS WERE AWESOME! Did not get into the pool, or hot tubs,but plenty did. Overall I had a great time and would go back again! I may have found a new lifestyle:)
  Rating: 8


Title: Ceasars Balsall Common Date:7/18/2007 9:48:38 PM  
  What a fantastic night we have had at this venue, have been a few times with my partner to the weekly greedy girls party there on a wednesday night. Tonight was the first time we took the plunge and joined in with flow. There was something going on everywhere, the greedy girl party hostesses are absolutely fantastic. Genuine swingers who host parties for couples and singles. If you are feeling shy, they certainly take the spotlight off you as a couple, I felt so at ease and unpreasured I just had to indulge. These girls certainly know how to get a party started, every couple played freely in the open it was so horny. If you are worried about the single guys couples, don't be. They are so respectful and a polite 'no' means just that without having to feel guilty or cause insult. It is a very friendly relaxed atmosphere and we shall be making it a regular weekly nite out - its free for couples in the week! Thank you to everyone for giving us a night to remember for some time to cum, and cum and cum.

T & S

  Rating: 10


Title: Like Home Date:3/20/2006 11:09:34 PM  
  I have been a member of Trapeze in Atlanta for three years and I must admit that it feels like home. The atmosphere, the people, the fun, the food.... I just can't say enough about Trapeze. I met a group of people and we are all still very close friends. It is a place where even the shyest of people can feel comfortable. The no pressure atmosphere is just icing on the cake. I must say that I have been there long enough to see quite a few staff members come and go and I must say that they all have been very professional and nice people. Trapeze keep up the good work and I'll always be a member.


Title: Great Club! Date:10/5/2005 7:09:55 AM  
  We attended Trapeze last weekend for the first time. It was the SDC couples meet & greet night. Had a great time! Clean Club, Great food, Nice dance floor, Lots of fun.


Title: Swinger's Paradise Date:7/28/2005 3:53:06 AM  
  The club is a smorgasboard of disco, dinnerclub, lounge, coed locker room, orgy rooms, private rooms, hot tubs, and swimming pool. You can never run out of creative things to get into. I have met some really great people here.


Title: Ga2for2 Date:5/24/2005 8:53:46 PM  
  We have visited most of the clubs on this list, and Trapeze is our favorite. The classy atmosphere, food, and people make it worth us travelling to visit.


Title: First time was fantastic! Date:4/17/2005 12:13:22 AM  
  Last night my boyfriend and I patronized the "Trap" and I highly recommend it to everyone. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. The club was very clean. My boyfriend and I gave quite a show. And we both had quite alot of admirers. Can't wait to go again.


Title: Sexy as you want Date:1/21/2005 2:20:15 AM  
  Wow! It might have been the bottle of wine, or the freedom to play with others watching, but I almost had TOO much fun on my first visit. There were plenty of friendly people and I just loved putting on a bit of a show in the back room. I'm looking forward to going back again, and again....


Title: Atlanta vs Fort Lauderdale Date:10/30/2004 1:37:26 AM  
  As a long time member of the Fort Lauderdale Trapeze I looked forward to attending the Atlanta club when I moved here in July. My boyfriend and I were quite surprised to find the Atlanta club to be much less attended and a much more reserved group of people. We have been there on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The back area was always sparsely populated. We wonder why the difference between the two clubs?

The newly added pool and hot tub area is very nice, and we enjoyed the canopy bed in that area. The only negative we found was that it was much too warm in only that room.



Title: Trapeze Date:10/16/2004 1:19:28 AM  
  Without a doubt the best swinger club in Fl.


Title: OUR FIRST TIME !!! Date:9/19/2004 11:37:32 AM  




Title: One Hot Club Date:7/26/2004 3:39:09 PM  
  ...this has to be one of the best clubs in the country....always a good, upscale crowd....try it!


Title: Trapeze Date:7/20/2004 11:09:39 PM  
  The finest classiest club we have ever visited. If you are in this lifestyle Trapeze is a place you must visit.


Title: the best! Date:7/20/2004 5:14:45 PM  
  Very classy and clean. We meet new people every time. Highly recommended.


Title: MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WAS GREAT Date:6/9/2004 12:18:41 AM  


Title: Something for everybody Date:3/12/2004 5:11:06 PM  
  Written by saxkat29


Title: Something for everybody Date:3/12/2004 5:08:32 PM  
  This club has everything one could ask for under one roof. Leave your social taboos at the door and open your mind to what may lay ahead! The people are friendly. It is a professional atmosphere. Noone is pushy. You get what you expect. The population is diverse in terms of age, cultures, demographics, stature, etc. You can go as far as you want, or stay where you are. There is a detailed description of what to expect from the club in terms of services provided by another writer. I wanted to add a little something about the atmosphere.
Our personal experience has varied. The first time we went was different from the second different from the third, different from the forth, etc. Opportunities are amongst us. We have used Trapeze club as a meeting place for couples who we have only chatted with on SDC, and we have met folks there. Without kissing and telling, we have not found Trapeze Club to be a waste of time, money, or energy. You get what you put into it. As aforementioned, your attitude going in has a big impact on the fun that you have. Good Luck and play hard!



Title: Trapeze Atlanta - Best Club Date:3/11/2004 7:53:18 PM  
  We like meeting at what we think is the nicest lifestyle club in town, Trapeze. It's certainly a first class, very professionally run club. The front half of the club is essentially an upscale night club. Although they serve a great dinner (8-11) and breakfast (1-3) every night (Wed-Sun) they are open. The have their own chef who serves up some delicious dinners from 8:00 until around 11. Then at 1:00 the serve breakfast cooked to order if you have worked up an appetite. Their bar is BYOB. Bring in your bottle and they will mark it with your member number and keep it for you behind the bar. Then anytime you would like a drink just ask one of the bartenders and give him/her your number. They'll make your drink and serve you. There's a great sound system with a DJ and dance floor, tables, chairs, etc. The bathrooms and locker room are in the middle part of the club and the play area is in the back half. No street clothes are allowed in the play area. You don't have to be nude but you do have to change from your street clothes. Large towels are provide with your locker. Mostly the guys just use the towels. Some of the women like to bring some lingerie or something sexy to put on, others just use the towel also. In back you will find another bar (you can have your bottle moved) a socializing area with couches and chairs, a large room with 3 hot tubs, 2 large open rooms, and about a dozen smaller private rooms. One thing you will notice is everything is kept very clean and the staff is very professional and courteous.

It's a fun, safe, no pressure environment. You can have a nice dinner, dance, talk, and if you want to do more you can. If not no pressure on anyone. You can go into the play areas and just watch also. Some couples just enjoy the open atmosphere without joining in. Other couples like having sex with each other but like that other couples are around them.

To attend you need to purchase a membership which you can do at the door. Check the web site at to see the charges for membership and door charges for each night (Wed-Sun).

Let us know if you guys would like to go sometime we'd be happy to show you around. We normally go on Sat night when we go. Also we go sometimes on Wednesday night for a thing they call "Candlelight Dinner," white table clothes on all the tables, special food and desserts. It's a lot of fun and a great deal for dinner included in your door charge.

Written by AtlantaCpl



Title: We'll Miss the Trapeze Date:3/11/2004 5:14:14 PM  
  We're moving from Atlanta in the coming months and one of the things we'll miss will be the Trapeze. We've enjoyed our times there but, to be honest, we've never really felt that it was as open as we had hoped for. By that I mean that as newcomers, we we never felt welcomed and since the lifestyle was very new to us, we have on occassion felt a little uncomfortable. We love the dance floor, the food and the overall atmosphere. We like the special theme parties as these are really quite imaginative.

Again, the only thing that we would change would be some way of helping newcomers feel a little more a part of things, perhaps some way of getting them to meet regulars a little easier.



Title: Trapeze in Atlanta Date:3/11/2004 1:38:40 PM  
  A real 5 star club.
We have been to many on premisis clubs and this by far is the best. The facility is large, clean and laid out very nice.
The staff is outstanding and is always there to help.



Title: Fat ? Not when we're there Date:3/3/2004 11:42:44 PM  
  We love it that the people are mostly much more upscale than most clubs of this type and everyone there is polite, fun loving and the overall atmosphere is totally upbeat and friendly. It's much more appealing than any other club in the entire state. Many professionals, mostly clean cut and a few with tattoos, or costumes and cool....most are attractive, interesting and like minded. Perhaps about 10% arae a little overweight but so what? The best part is that it's clean, well decorated and very well RUN. Theme nights..vacation events all the time. The food is good and the staff very friendly. Wednesday and Saturdays are our favorite nights. Luxuria parties are fun, too. There's a time for both!
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