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Swingers club Praha 1


Prague 1

Prague , Czech Republic






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Reviews 18

Club Details

Club Size
450 square meters
Max. Occupancy 100 people
Playroom Occupancy 13 people
Alcohol Sold Included
Food Available
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Outside Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Sauna Yes
Jacuzzi No
Swimming Pool No
Smoking Allowed
in smoking area only
Private Rooms Yes
Private Locker Yes

Operating Time and Entrance fees:

  Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed
Tuesday 7pm-1am Yes Yes Yes
Wednesday 11am-1am Yes Yes Yes
Thursday 7pm-1am Yes Yes Yes
Friday 8pm-4am Yes Yes Yes
Saturday 8pm-5am Yes Yes Yes
Sunday 1pm-12am Yes Yes Yes

Membership Fees:

SDC members discount/benefits:

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Swingers club Praha 1 Description

SWINGERS CLUB PRAGUE 1 is a private discreet All inclusive club, where you can have fun and enjoy yourself as much as you want to, or where you don’t have to do anything at all. Before entering don't search for any commercial about us, you will not find one, only call us and our willing personal will pick you up. In this way you can avoid inconvenience, because all is in spirit of a being discreet.

Our motto says that "Nothing is allowed, but everything is possible."

No matter from how far you travel to us, we only want you to feel comfortable and make yourself at home. We have prepared an absolute comfort and a style milieu for you.

We want you to extend your erotic horizon and change your monotonous life. Many actions will be prepared for you, from an erotic program to SM, fetish, bi and other parties. A matter of course is to organize parties for Gangbang and Bukkake followers. For beginners and less experienced visitors we are ready to give them advice and explain everything.

Swingers club Praha 1 Reviews:  

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Title: Horrific! Date:1/27/2015 4:14:11 PM  
  All we can say is avoid this place at all costs! Dodgy location, even more dodgy hosts, who 'greet' guests dressed in sloppy street clothes, and demand admission upfront. The entrance hall is a building site and there were some dubious looking dudes hanging around the front door - scary! We left immediately, never to return!!
  Rating: 1


Title: Masakra Date:11/8/2014 5:53:54 PM  
  Bylismy, zobaczylismy i na piecie sie odwrocilismy. Brzydki, stechly zapach, smród z papierosów, jednym slowem MORDOWNIA.
  Rating: 2


Title: Great club Date:8/8/2014 3:36:30 AM  
  We was there at two nights in July and have fun. There's single men but they're very nice...everything is up to you. Staff was very kindly and take care of you. We can recommend this club.
  Rating: 10


Title: Great Fun Date:7/20/2014 9:40:38 AM  
  I am from Middle East country .Went to the club with a friend for first time on the 12th July .not many people there but very friendly . Went again with same friend on the 16th,lots of people and couples . Me and my friend started in their big room and we're later joint by other couples . Had great time it my first experience of swinging.(my friend she is a experienced swinger which made things easy for me.)
  Rating: 10


Title: JUST ok Date:3/5/2014 10:28:45 AM  
  Lots of male singles, but nice facilities.
  Rating: 7


Title: Amazing club Date:12/17/2013 5:04:12 PM  
  We visited this great club in March and liked it so much we went 2 nights in a row! Met the friendliest people and despite the language barrier
  Rating: 10


Title: Excelente lugar!!! Date:9/28/2013 9:49:02 PM  
  Fuimos el miércoles 7 de agosto de este año y la atención fue de primera. No cobraron la entrada y tenían bebidas de todo tipo. La atención de la chicha fue cordial y nos habló del lugar. Había muy buen ambiente y muchas parejas compartiendo. Los salones para sexo increíbles y había mucho erotismo en el ambiente. Todo muy limpio. Cuando queríamos pasarla de lo mejor nos fuimos con una pareja y acabamos en una orgía maravillosa. La verdad recomendamos el lugar!!!
  Rating: 10


Title: A Panamenian couple in Prague Date:8/7/2013 7:37:54 PM  
  My wife and I went to the club and it was amazing. El lugar muy discreto y de entrada te hacen sentir muy bien. El lugar es limpio y tiene mil lugares para pasarlo de lo mejor. Nos tomamos unos tragos y por ser miércoles solo pagamos consumo, no obstante tenían comida gratis.
El lugar estaba lleno y cuando nos sentimos cómodos no nos faltó grupo para divertirnos. La pasamos espectacular y la atención de los dueños es AAA. Lo recomendamos ampliamente, un lugar para repetir.

  Rating: 10


Title: Great club! Date:6/23/2013 6:48:17 PM  
  My wife and I went there on June 22, 2013. Our overall impression is very positive and we would recommend this club to tourists and locals alike. It was safe and very similar to U.S. clubs in general.
Since we are from the U.S., we communicated with the owners a few times before going. It is centrally located in Praha 1 and although our entry was a bit confusing (our initial call was not answered), we finally made our way into the club. It's in a basement, but it is really well done! The bar area is a little tight with the hot tub, but there is plenty of space everywhere else. Shower room is gorgeous and open, several semi-private play areas, a few "binding" areas with stirrups, crosses, etc. There is one very large group play room. It's a very cool layout and you feel a bit like you're in a (safe) medieval dungeon (classily exposed brick in some areas – modern finishes in other areas – especially in the “lounge” dance area and entrance area). The bathrooms were very clean as was every area of the club.
They had a huge spread of food. The pricing scheme could be a little clearer on the webpage (hopefully we didn't get the “special” foreigner pricing!). 500 Kc for couple admittance and 1200 Kc for all inclusive food and many drinks. The buffet was a bit overwhelming (heavy for us Americans) but it was generous, and appeared to be very traditional Czech party offering (hot and cold meat, cheeses, fruits, etc) that would keep you well sustained through the night! The hostess was very patient with our English and questions about the price when we entered. By U.S. standards it was a very good value.
The club allows couples, single females (duh!), and single males. We were told the attendance was a little down for the night (by the regular/locals), but there was still a good mix of people. Maybe a few too many single males, but they were polite, respectful, understood their place and didn’t swarm. If you have a gang-bang fantasy – this is definitely the place. Enough good looking guys for the discriminating female. There were about 10 other couples – and they were international and local/regulars. Everyone was VERY friendly. We had a blast with the people we met that were local and international. We were told Czechs could be stand-offish – but that couldn’t have been less true. Good dance music – and we loved the Czech (what sounded to us like) Soviet era music. All in all this was a very positive experience. We were scared going to a club in a foreign country but our fears were completely misplaced. This is a must visit if you want a little foreign adventure! Would have got a 10 if the attendance was a little higher, I suspect that varies by weekend.

  Rating: 9


Title: Very nice club..... Date:2/10/2013 11:24:57 AM  
  We're couple from Lithuania, visited this club on 01/26/2013. Nice interior, very clean, amazing owners, We had a really nice time in the club... We would like to visit this club again...
  Rating: 10


Title: Che_Couple Date:2/9/2013 1:31:06 PM  
  Went to this club on Wednesday night, were surprised to meet there some young and sexy couples, not only singles. Enjoyed everything, nice stuff - hostess and bartender, very friendly.
Would come back on Friday or Saturday night for really huge orgy)

  Rating: 8


Title: Update Date:1/11/2013 1:26:31 PM  
  We went a second time to this great club, wow what a night, cannot speak czech but had great time with czech couples, brilliant club, will be back
  Rating: 10


Title: Lovely Club Date:1/9/2013 8:43:00 AM  
  Went to this great friendly, clean well laid out club last night, a bit quiet as mid week in january, 6 friendly couples all great to chat with and some a bit more.
Reasonably priced entrance fee that includes food and drink.
Lovely host and hostess, a bit hard to find but look for 25 blue 32 red on jungmannova st, phone club on arrival and they will let you in and phone if get lost, well worth finding in our opinion, going back this evening

  Rating: 10


Title: one of the to be good ones......maybe Date:1/8/2013 2:43:11 PM  
  This club is very young to be judged. The place is nice, however, still waiting for some polishing up. The number of visitors os rather up and down with the second one being more often these days. :-(
It has a very good potencial, the owners (staff) are nice, polite and friendly.
We visited the club three weeks ago and unfortunately until midnight it was only us, two 50ish couples and 3 single men. At midnight one youngish couple arrived and that was all...

  Rating: 5


Title: Good premisses, low visits Date:1/5/2013 3:18:49 PM  
  We were there at the beginning of December at the first time. The owners are OK, however, there were only us, 2 rather old couples and 3 single men. :-( Our luck was a youngish couple arriving just before midnight. All in all, good club, good value but no people. Hopefully it will take off soon. We will surely visit again and post a review.
  Rating: 5


Title: Nevermore Date:12/2/2012 6:33:07 AM  
  Unfriendly staff,few people..
  Rating: 2


Title: Fantastic club Date:11/21/2012 7:34:20 PM  
  We were on Prague for the first time and decided to visit this club. And what a great surprise!
The owners are incredibly nice and friendly and make you feel right at home.
The price – 40 euros – includes all food and beverages you want.
The music is nice and you can ask for any particular genre or song you like.
The various play areas are unique, fun and exciting! Try the rabbit holes and the birds nest! But actually you can play everywhere... The fireplace gives a very cozy ambient.
Swing is quite a new thing in this country and very few couples are in the lifestyle, but the ones that do, surely know how to have fun! Saturday is the best night, with more couples.
Finding the club may be tricky! It's a 2 minutes walk from the metro station of Mustek, but the door doesn't look anything like a club! Also there is no doorbell. The door numeration has two systems in Prague, the red and the blue one – don't confuse 25red/32blue with the opposite! Modern GPS go to the blue numbers! You have to phone to get the door open by the beautiful owner.
If you are near Prague don't miss this club! You won't regret it!

  Rating: 10


Title: GREAT CLUB Date:11/8/2012 5:11:12 PM  
  We were here on wednesday evening - it was very pleasure,nice atmosphere, very interesting people,nice rooms,catering and drinks = all inclusive and thats why we will return again!

Rafael and Stephanie

  Rating: 10
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Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha Swingers club Praha 1 Swingers club Praha
Swingers club Praha

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