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OZ Private Club


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North Fort Myers , Florida






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Reviews 61

Club Details

Club Size
1200 square feet
Max. Occupancy 75 people
Playroom Occupancy 35 people
Alcohol Sold BYOB
Food Available
Appetizers Snacks
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Outside Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Sauna No
Jacuzzi No
Swimming Pool No
Smoking Allowed
in smoking area only
Private Rooms Yes
Private Locker Yes

Operating Time and Entrance fees:

  Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 9pm-2am $20 $5 $30
Thursday Closed
Friday 9pm-6am $40 $10 $60
Saturday 9pm-6am $40 $10 $60
Sunday Closed

Membership Fees:
Couples: $20, Single guys: $40, Single girls: $10

Couples: $40, Single guys: $80, Single girls: $20



SDC members discount/benefits:
none at this time

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OZ Private Club Description

OZ is a private on-line membership club for those in the lifestyle to join together for the advancement of consensual alternative sexual expression. OZ members demand only the very best!

We welcome you to join in an intimate decadent experience that is uniquely designed to turn your fantasies and desires into reality. Dance the night away to the latest music, relax in the smoke-free social lounge with friends old and new or get better acquainted in a private room. Enter the large, fully equipped, fetish dungeon/playroom where you are free to explore your darkest fantasies and desires. OZ is the place where discriminating, adventurous, secure adults can enhance their relationships, experience alternative lifestyles and pursue the pleasures of the senses without any pressures or obligations. Amenities include a BYOB area with complimentary mixers and snacks, state of the art lighting and sound system, open party area and social lounge, private rooms, secure lockers and towels for your convenience.

OZ parties are always drug free!

As you enter OZ, you will be greeted by courteous and friendly people who will assist you with membership and getting acquainted. You will be provided with a guided tour down the yellow brick road that will end with a night that will leave you wondering whether or not it was all a dream!

OZ Private Club Reviews:  

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Title: some people are full of it. Date:4/13/2016 8:29:41 PM  
  Very nice place to meet people of the same who want to have fun. Its not miami velvet,its a place people can meet n play. No pressure atmosphere,just nice people. If your looking for a 30000k sq.foot club this is not the place. I have met the owner and the place is very alean.
So those people who moan should go to miami and pay a100 bucks to get in for a night. Also parking and drinks. You can't make everybody happy all the time. I say bye and don't hurry back. Have fun n keep playing.RnK.

  Rating: 9


Title: New Location vs Old Location... Date:5/22/2015 4:50:50 PM  
  We have been to a few of the Oz's locations and the newest one is in a great location and nicely set up. The last location wasn't the best, we played and decided to wait on returning until the new location was in place. As always, our hostess was gracious. Enjoy frequenting the club and having some quality adult time with others! Don't let the negative comments below deter you from stopping by the club for some fun. We will be back!
  Rating: 9


Title: first timers Date:4/8/2015 8:48:20 AM  
  me ad my wife have never done this and are very curious about the lifestyle my question is would everyone be accepting of us and willing to answer any questions we may have and no pressure because us ever doing this will have us a little nervous we really wanna join the lifestyle any input would be greatly appreciated
  Rating: 10


Title: the new place is amazing Date:4/7/2015 5:29:29 PM  
  two thumbs up on the new oz! huge place with smoking outside now and since i do not smoke, i will not go home reeking of smoke. they re-opened a few weeks ago and did a great job. everyone was friendly, watched things in the dungeon, then a few of us went to play in the swing room. look for me often!
  Rating: 10


Title: New place great fun Date:3/31/2015 8:15:52 PM  
  I was new to the club and started going when it was in the small building. Now the new place is in much better atmosphere. More space to play and meet others. They have rooms that can be used for private fun or just leave the door open for voyeurism. I like the new place and to the couple I meet on Saturday it was one heel of a party we had.
  Rating: 8


Title: New location Date:3/22/2015 6:55:43 PM  
  We went to Oz's new location this weekend,we were glad to see how spacious it is now.Three bedrooms one with a sex swing,big social area ,outside smoking area so no more choking smoke,and our favorite a HUGE Dungeon with lots of play space.we our glad it is in a nice new location and look forward to alot of fun.
  Rating: 10


Title: SCARY Date:1/14/2015 6:40:54 PM  
  All post that give this place a 10 are probably the owners. This is a nasty place that is smaller then my living room. I can't imagine SDC would even keep this place listed. This is disgusting do not go. The staff was creepy. Walked in and walked right back out it was so disgusting. If I could rate -10 this would be more accurate then 1.
  Rating: 1


Title: This is the worst place... Date:1/14/2015 6:33:46 PM  
  Stay away -- this is truly a scary dump!

  Rating: 1


Title: No Class - false advertising Date:11/10/2014 6:08:26 PM  
  This was the worse place we ever have been. I have seen apartments bigger than this place. Cut the smoke with a knife. 4 rooms with curtains between them. Not very friendly. Nothing in the description comes close to describing this dump! If possible, I would rate it a -10. Stay home, save money instead of driving to it.
  Rating: 1


Title: For us... It was an unpleasant experience. Date:6/3/2014 3:23:24 PM  
  We agree with the "truth" post on March 15, 2014. Normally, we refrain from making negative comments because, simply said... just because it isn't OUR type of place doesn't mean that it isn't perfectly acceptable to others. But, let's face it... all too often and sadly, quality seems to get compromised in many (not all) lifestyle establishments. For us, The OZ is one of those establishments. If The OZ ever gets better we'd love to try it again because it's so close by, but until then we'd rather pass, and drive to Miami or Tampa. Bottom line is, we could NOT honestly endorse or recommend The OZ to anyone at this point. Hopefully, that will change soon.
  Rating: 1


Title: in response ... Date:5/12/2014 10:10:26 PM  
  I have never had a problem with letting someone take a quick peek beforehand as long as they ask. From what I knew everyone had their teeth. lol As stated on the website and in person, this was a temporary location for a short time while OZ was in transition and still provide the community a place to go and relax and hopefully meet others. You just so happened to come in during this time and in the borrowed space. Unfortunately, I do not have control over the social skills of anyone that walks thru the door. Now that I have a new permanent location, you are more than welcome to come on out. If you would have left a screen name or something, I would let you in free for a night.
  Rating: 10


Title: Truth Date:3/15/2014 1:20:37 PM  
  We went to the new location. Its very interesting. There were 6-7 people there on a Saturday Night. The were all anti social. The hostess only want the door fee $50.00 before letting you check the place out. This place is low lass...not worth the $$ not worth your time....you would be better off staying home and masturbating then going to this farce of a club.
Maybe under better management and with some clientele with better social skills and ALL their teeth this venue could become something. Until then...steer very far clear.

  Rating: 1


Title: in our 50's and no longer ken and barbie Date:12/21/2013 9:08:58 AM  
  we are new to the area, long time former swingers, and looking to play again. However we are older and heavier than we used to be. We don't want to go and look like old perv's. Everyone says all shapes and sizes are welcome, but tell me the truth. What is the age range and are larger people plentiful as well. THAMKS!
  Rating: 5


Title: keeps getting better and better!! Date:8/21/2012 3:27:49 PM  
  I went to check out the new location for fetish night and WOW! I was very impressed. Bigger, better, very upscale and a great crowd. I had a lot of fun with a great new couple. I will definately be back as soon as possible. ;)
  Rating: 10


Title: great time Date:7/29/2012 10:04:10 PM  
  We went to the new OZ location, grand opening gala,the place is clean ,plenty of parking,3 private rooms,nice group room, a dungeon and a big meeting area ,the people we met were real nice we had a great time and plan on going back sooooooon!!!!!!!!
  Rating: 10


Title: NYE party fun Date:1/8/2012 4:07:34 PM  
  We were very glad we decided to check out the new OZ location for the NYE party and not head to a bar. Had a lot of fun, played with a new couple and will definately return soon! We prefer an on-premise club and not just meet-n-greets so keep up the awsome work! :)
  Rating: 10


Title: OZ Date:10/5/2011 11:00:24 PM  
  My wife and I started going about 2 months ago.Her first time at a swingers club.We both felt very comfortable and really enjoyed ourselves ,friendly people ,great music ,watched a show in the dungeon that was awesome.We have been going since and really enjoy the atmoshere and the people !!!!!!!!!!B and T
  Rating: 10


Title: Thanks for a great night! Date:9/29/2011 1:57:38 AM  
  I have been to OZ a few times and went back again this past saturday night. Always friendly people and always a great time! The place is clean, the music is jammin' and I always leave with a smile. ;) Thanks again and see ya next time!


  Rating: 10


Title: The Oz House Date:8/17/2011 12:24:50 AM  
  The Oz House was Down to EARTH. WOW! Really Enjoy place the host is a sweet heart. BYOB! I really enjoy myself and so did our guest. You have to learn to step out of your comfort zone. This is REAL Swinging Lifestyle! It's NOT for first the timer who is freaking out. Great Place for a MEET and GREET. I wish we didn't travel as much. Hope to see them soon. Big Hugs! We travel to much from the EAST Coast this is the BEST on the West Coast. Forget that Other SW Club. I don't need OLD MEN IN my Cookie. I play with the younger People. From Ages 25 to 45. The Oz House has it together. There's NO FAKE Butt's. or going over to a hotel and meeting up afterwards and moving to another and another place. That's just so much hastle. I like a one set plan. Thanks to the OZ HOUSE. oxoxoxo
  Rating: 10


Title: Good Fun... Good Friends Date:6/1/2011 11:37:59 AM  
  I just want to say that Oz is a wonderful place to go and have fun ON SITE. It truly is the ONLY club in the area where you can party and play ON the premises. Any other place that says you can... beware... if they sell alcohol...its illegal. Just sayin!
I have been going to Oz 2 years and its a discreet and fun place to play. And believe me.. I must have discretion.
It is safe for everyone.. and no always means no.
It is the cleanest place I have ever been.. barring none. Miss T, the proprietor has great attention to detail and the place is immaculate.
I have found true friends at Oz... and am thankful for a place to go and unwind with no pressure.
So I just wanted to write and give my opinion. I truly love going there and wouldn't trade the wonderful fun that I have had there for anything.
Sincerely- Single Female

  Rating: 10


Title: Anniversary Party Date:5/25/2011 9:22:06 AM  
  This was my first time going to OZ and I had the pleasure to be there for their Anniversary party. I had an amazing time and felt very comfortable. There was a fire dancer who was pretty good too, I was impressed. I'm sure I will be returning in the future. Good Times..
  Rating: 10


Title: Cigarcub goes to OZ Date:5/25/2011 8:59:40 AM  
  I recently started going to Oz about two months ago and since then have fallen in love with the club. Now before I go any further please keep in mind this is coming from a gay leatherman which in most swingers clubs is a rare thing ( I know this due to the fact that I have been to others in the past and have even run one).

Never have I ever felt so welcomed by a establishment as I have at OZ.It is truly a pan-sexual environment. Whether you are straight, bi, gay or you just are a equal opportunity player this place will immidiately make you feel at home. The facility itself is is kept up to the highest standards and offers something for everyone right down to a fully stocked dungeon.The last part being one of the things I love the most. The staff there tends to each guest on a individual basis to make sure everyone is both having a good time and is taking part in a safe, fun atmosphere. I would recommend this club to anyone both in and out of my leather family.

Being a gay leatherman most clubs tend to either shun my category or they just dont know what to do with me or my guests. This is not the case at OZ. This is a club that has successfully merged both the swinger and BDSM community under one roof and on a regular basis both kinks and play are shared between the two groups on any given night.

Definately come check out OZ. No matter what side your bread is buttered on you will find something for your enjoyment there.

  Rating: 10


Title: anniversary party Date:5/22/2011 7:24:24 PM  
  It had been a while since we had been to OZ and went back for the anniversary party saturday night. OMG did we have fun! The place was packed, the firedancer's show was incredible and people were doing their thing all night. We did not leave till 4am and exhausted in a good way. =) Cheers to another great year and see you soon!
  Rating: 10


Title: Fun Date:2/26/2011 11:59:56 PM  
  I went last nite with a friend, and although I was shy at first, I ended up having a great time. Really cool people.


  Rating: 8


Title: fetish night Date:12/5/2010 5:45:23 PM  
  We went out to Oz on a fetish night and while that isnt really our thing we never felt uncomfortable. It was neat to see people play with hot wax and get spanked and it really got our juices flowing. We actually wound up playing with two single girls who came together and had a lot of fun! Cant wait till we can do it again!
  Rating: 9


Title: Halloween Date:11/1/2010 9:11:34 AM  
  We went out for the Halloween bash at Oz and had such a great time. After I won the costume contest (somthing to do with amazing cleavage I suppose) we hooked up with some sexy vampires for some Halloween treats! Cant wait to do it again!
  Rating: 10


Title: NEW OZ Date:9/15/2010 10:51:28 AM  
  Went and checked out OZ on its Grand Reopening and had a blast! The place was packed and everyone was extremely friendly and made us feel right at home. In fact we had so much fun we came back the next weekend too, and this time met a hot single girl and had a ton of fun! We were a little nervous but will definately be back soon!
  Rating: 10


Title: the New OZ Date:9/8/2010 12:12:24 AM  
  We loved it and had a blast in the brand new place. Its always good when the handcuffs come out...
  Rating: 10


Title: Pool Party Fun Date:8/3/2010 4:15:31 PM  
  We have been to OZ a few times before and always had a great time. Finally had a sunday with no kids and decided to go check out the pool party. We had a nice relaxing day naked by the pool and met another sexy couple doing the same that we hooked up with. Steaks on the grill were perfect as we worked up an appetite! If we don't make it to another pool party this summer, we will definately be back at night. Thanks for the fun!
  Rating: 10


Title: see you next time Date:7/18/2010 5:41:55 PM  
  As a new single guy, I was made to feel very welcome by everyone. Keep up the good work and I will definately return next time I am back in town. It is good to see a place in the area where you can relax, feel comfortable and meet some great people in the lifestyle.

To the person who wrote the ugly reviews, I did not see a scale at the door but I did see all shapes and sizes having a great time. I did not see any neighbors either and felt safe walking inside.

  Rating: 10


Title: thanks for the great time Date:7/11/2010 11:49:48 AM  
  We decided to check out OZ for the first time last night and wanted to say thanks a bunch for the great time! Everyone was friendly, place was clean, all the ammenities, music was jammin, what more could you ask for? We felt right at home and will definately be back often.
  Rating: 10


Title: if you can't be polite..or intelligent... Date:5/11/2010 4:08:34 PM  
  There is plenty of parking and space for 50+ people between the driveway, up on the lawn, and around the side of the house. The neighborhood is quiet, safe, and trouble free, and the fact that you can play on site means no leaving a hotel party and driving when you have been drinking.
  Rating: 10


Title: YOUR KIDDING Date:5/5/2010 10:58:27 PM  

  Rating: 1


Title: our swinging hideaway Date:5/3/2010 10:20:27 PM  
  This is a wonderful place to let your freak flag fly, and not be judged, no matter how "unusual" you are. We are not "perfect" people, and the fact that "imperfect" people are accepted at OZ is WHY we are so loyal. There are many nights where many people that come to party are simply stunning..but even on the nights that the people here are simply "normal"..its a wonderful place to play, and be yourself. We went for the wild sex..but stay because of deep and lasting friendships.
Like all things in life, where you play is what YOU make of it. Simple as that.

  Rating: 10


Title: a note to everyone Date:3/26/2010 7:07:26 PM  
  i appreciate everyone took the time to post a review...good or bad. this is not a forum page so this is the last word i will have to say here. previously i mentioned google earth to check a location prior to arriving if you are curious, that goes for anywhere to which you plan to travel. google maps also works well. once you do the membership registration on the OZ website, you are immediately given the address and directions. also, there is a map which you can zoom in and out. the contact page reaches me anytime if you have any questions. the first paragraph of the OZ website indicates a private residence, as does the membership page. in fact, i have had a couple neighbors at the parties. this is a very safe neighborhood without incident. PLEASE DO your homework on that also. you can search cape coral area crime rate and see that OZ is in one of the safest areas.

OZ has professional club lighting which, although obscured, can be somewhat seen thru the front blinds. this has proven time and time again to be beneficial as an indicator that you are at the right location.

as for single guys, perhaps i should do a poll on who is seeking whom. the lifestyle is primarily couples and most are seeking a single bi-female. how many profiles does everyone see that says "no single males"? this is unfortunate but true. that can be seen by most clubs not allowing single guys at all on saturday nights, at other lifestyle events, at resorts, etc. and the cost is always highter. this is in hopes to bring in the cream of the crop. if it makes you feel any better, i (as a single female) am NOT allowed at desire in cancun, mexico. lol

ok, enough said. if anyone has any questions prior to arriving, please feel free to comtact me and ask away. some places are not for everyone. some prefer a commercial venue and others prefer a more comfortable setting. some like a mix of both.

perhaps give a new place a try for more than 10 feet inside the doorway. you might just have fun!

  Rating: 10


Title: VERY disappointed Date:3/25/2010 9:05:44 AM  
  We traveled from St Pete to attend this so called "CLUB" and when we pulled up it was a house in a highly populated neighborhood. Don't get me wrong we've been to plenty of house parties but they were in a PRIVATE setting and away from the general population. When we pulled in the driveway the neighbors were standing in thier windows looking at us. VERY uncomfortable feeling to say the least. The strobe light flashing in the front window made us feel like we were going to a RAVE instead of a swingers club. We managed to make the attempt and knocked on the front door anyways. We took about 10 steps inside and looked at each other and said "HELL NO" let's find something else to do tonight and left. In our opinion this is NOT a safe environment and we will NEVER go back. Do your homework on this venue before you make the trip. You'll be glad you did.
  Rating: 1


Title: the host with the most Date:3/24/2010 11:29:57 PM  
  we have been going to oz for 3 years now and its always been fun some days more fun than others lol. its always clean and tina is always so accomadating always trying to go the extra mile to make everyone feel comfortable from newbies to the regulars she is always up for any suggestions to make the club more fun for everyone she doesnt have a closing time because she stays open till the last person leaves.its been us on more than one occasion.screen name codered if you have any questions about the club shoot us an email we will tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth
  Rating: 10


Title: taste is personal Date:3/24/2010 10:13:20 PM  
  i could not help noticing all the fat comments about oz it is as if some were trying to say that only skinny people should be allowed in the lifestyle or at clubs.as for me i think the place is great and i wish i could attend more often.i also believe that beauty can be found at any age or weight so no need for name calling.on the other hand i also don t think its fair to charge a single male 6 times what a single female is charged.it means single women are six time as important as single men and they are not wanted around. that just like they fat n skinny issue is also discrimination.(equality is a good thing even is swinging)i hope someone listen!
  Rating: 6


Title: A great place to visit again and again. Date:3/24/2010 9:51:21 PM  
  The title pretty much says it all. We are members of The Other OZ and attend parties regualarly, WE LOVE OZ! Now I'm no expert on reviewing swinger clubs but I'll do my best to highlight some of the points I feel are worth mentioning.

#1. Parking is plentiful! I've personaly seen as many as 50 people or more at parties and parking has never been an issue, there's always a safe place to park.

#2. Amenties! Pool table, clean showers, hot tub, swiming pool, sheets & towels, condoms, baby wipes, mouthwash, lockers, fetish play rooms, free mixers, sodas, water and food are provided at every party.

#3. People! Always a good mixture of couples and select singles. We love going to OZ because they have a good mix of regulars and a steady stream of new members joining all the time. We've made some close friendships with swingers from not only our own local area but from all over the world. We have met and even played with swingers from Germany, Holland, Canada, Haiti and of course the US. OZ truly has a good mixture and nice variety of real people who are friendly and fun.

Thanks for reading, look forward to meeting you sometime at The Other OZ!


  Rating: 10


Title: Had the best time of my life Date:3/24/2010 6:24:29 PM  
  Everyone was so nice and friendly.Made me feel at home.Place was spotless and clean.The pool and hottub were awsome.One of the best times EVERY. I will do it again and again.
  Rating: 10


Title: Unbelieveable! Date:3/24/2010 6:05:54 PM  
  We love Oz and frequent it quite often. We have made great friends there and would recommend it to anyone. Oz is a very laid back no pressure atmosphere with a wide variety of fantasies to choose from. It may not be for everyone but it's definitely for us! We've been going there for years and will continue to do so! We always feel as comfortable there as we do in our own home. It is always very clean and always has something going on! Love ya Tina! Chad and Ashley
  Rating: 10


Title: had a BLAST!!! Date:3/24/2010 12:55:50 PM  
  we had a BLAST at the toga party saturday night! it was our first time there and we will definately be back often. we had to check it out for ourselves and glad we did. everyone was very friendly and we were made to feel welcome. the place was very clean and condoms provided. there were trays of appetizers and fresh fruit provided so i don't know what the last person was talking about. thanks for the great time!
  Rating: 10


Title: OH HELL NO!! poorly done Date:3/23/2010 9:06:30 AM  
  one word......... SCAREY!!
one word .........CREEPY!!!
one word..........YUCKY!!!!!

if you show up with food it will be like feeding a stray.
SAVE you time and money!!

  Rating: 1


Title: is this really necessary? Date:3/9/2010 7:13:14 PM  
  everyone is more than welcome to their opinion and i always welcome constructive criticism, but is a personal attack on people really necessary? the lifestyle is about variety and just because someone may not be of your particular interest does not mean they should be excluded from having a good time with someone else that finds them attractive. i do not discriminate on race, age or physical discription. OZ would not soon be celebrating 4 years and going strong if what you alone had to say. perhaps you should have emailed prior to ask a couple basic questions, which i am always more than happy to answer.

according to wikipedia, a club is "an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal". OZ is just that! google earth is also an awsome tool when trying to get an idea of a new place you plan to visit. i always encourage people to check out other lifestyle venues and judge for themselves. it is like brocolli. lol i do not personally care for it but others love it. the 40 plus people that were at the party saturday night had a great time and judging by your attitude, it is not suprising that you did not, if you were even there at all. i noticed you chose not to leave your screen name.

by the way, are you just angry because you forgot to collect your free pizza coupon at the door? haha


  Rating: 10


Title: what a JOKE!! Date:3/9/2010 11:09:45 AM  
  If you like fatasses this is the place to go.its a fuckin house that the person running it calls it a club. houses are so close that you can hear the people sneeze next door.
there is a scale at the door and if you are the heaviest to enter that nite you win a free PIZZA coupon LOL ROTFLMFAO!!!!if there are more than 6 or 7 people there they are lucky

  Rating: 1


Title: WE HAD A BLAST! Date:11/2/2009 6:35:48 PM  
  We had been to OZ before and had fun and decided to go back while we were in town. We are so glad that we did and had a blast! Tons of people in costumes (we went for the halloween party) and the decorating was awsome. We met plenty of friendly people and had some fun on the pool table, in the hot tub and then in a room.

Keep up the great work and we will definately be back!

  Rating: 10


Title: BIG THINGS COME IN LITTLE PACKAGES Date:5/11/2009 8:08:02 PM  
  I had the pleasure of going to OZ on saturday night and I was pleasantly surprised. Although when you pull up it looks just like any other house in the middle of nowhere, once you enter you know you are not in Kansas anymore. It is a clean, efficient, upscale party environment which caters to all of us looking for a good and friendly time.Not your typical run down thrown together house party. Nice, good looking people who seem to go there to meet other people just like them who want the fun without the drama. With all of the big swing clubs out there charging and arm and a leg, this is a breathe of fresh air. I would recommend it to both veterans and rookies of the lifestyle. You will not be disappointed. Alot of thought and work has went into the house's decor. It also has a swimming pool and jacuzzi to cool off after a hot night.
  Rating: 9


Title: Kinko De Mayo Date:5/9/2009 8:05:08 AM  
  I attended Oz's Kinko DE Mayo party last weekend and WOW!!! What a crowd. This was the place to be. The place was packed full of hot sexy people. As the night wore on the theme definately became appearant there was play everywhere from the kitchen counter to the couch to all 5 of the awesome themed rooms and out in the hottub I think. It was some guy's birthday so the owner had him sit down and get a lap dance from all the ladies..bet he's never had a lap dance end like that before. I will definately be back for their anniversary party next week. From what I hear it will be even busier and crazier than last Sat.
  Rating: 9


Title: Meet some very friendly people Date:4/21/2009 11:10:43 AM  
  We met some really nice couples at OZ. Everyone was very friendly. We arent ken and Barbie, yet we where made to feel like long time friends. We never experienced that at other clubs. Other places we went it was a just a popularity contest.

We hooked up with the smoking hot couple and played in the dungeon play room. OMG was it hot! We would recommend anyone to visit OZ, it was very clean and as we said before the people there are amazingly friendly!

  Rating: 10


Title: FANTASTIC TIME Date:4/20/2009 11:40:59 PM  
  We went to a fetish party at the OZ it was fantastic!! We had so much fun!! It had a great sexual atmosphere yet no pressure to play,every one was so friendly. We brought our own booze which was nice cause we can spend a fortune at the bars. Another thing my boyfriend & I loved was the fact that we didn't have to drive anywhere to fuck we did it right there and no one stepped in unless invited which was nice. We have found our new hang out!! Looking forward to seeing all our new friends again!!
  Rating: 10


Title: love it Date:4/20/2009 1:50:33 PM  
  Been to Oz many many times and will definately return. The people are great the atmosphere is laid back and sexy, and the hostess makes you feel right at home. Cant wait to see whats next!
  Rating: 10


Title: OZ is addicting. Date:4/19/2009 4:19:52 PM  
  We have started going more and more, just over the last three weeks we have been at least once every weekend. We love OZ, the people are cool and it's no pressure. A definite plus that we can smoke. Never a dull moment, good people, accommodations and plenty of HOT SEX & KINK! Check it out. :)


  Rating: 10


Title: long time member Date:1/3/2009 12:14:34 AM  
  OZ is a great place. I've been a member there for quite a while and have never had a bad time there. The club is located in a nice neighborhood and the house itself is a relaxing casual place. No cliques, no bullshit, no hassels. If you are looking for a 'nightclub' scene then it's probably not for you. At the very least check it out and make your own decisions.
  Rating: 10


Title: Wow!! Date:12/31/2008 5:05:53 PM  
  I've been to Oz many times (with and without my partner) and have always had a great time with the different themes. This past weekend was probably the best of all time between all of the people there mingling and the gentleman from Miami that showed us his Shabari skills...fascinating!! Oz manages to bring something different to SW FL and it's something that we need here. I like the intimate, comfortable vibe of the club hybrid...much more relaxing and easier to play on premises. Also, I love the lack of pretentiousness of the people that attend...beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and personality is the biggest PLUS. I guess the previous poster was seriously lacking in that area as well as lacking any class.

Oz wasn't what I expected when I first pulled up either however, I am so glad that I gave it a chance! Oh, and for the record, I have personally heard rave reviews from MANY other South Florida party-goers and performers that have actually ATTENDED the club!!

Everyone should try something at least once before you decide whether or not they like it (or talk badly about it without even coming in the door)...it's like hating a food you've never tried. After all, you might just find a great place to be amongst like-minded new friends. I tried it and have met some fantastic and exciting people! :)

  Rating: 10


Title: Awesome Date:9/3/2008 10:26:15 PM  
  Relaxing, fun, no pressure, no drugs, my new favorite club!
  Rating: 10


Title: CLEAN! Date:7/7/2008 7:36:29 PM  
  We love that we can drink, socialize and fuck all in the same spot at OZ.

The members are sexy and very friendly to us, Also the place IS extremely CLEAN. which find lacking at other swing clubs.
Top notch, we would highly recommend! A++

  Rating: 10


Title: Best place ever! Date:7/3/2008 3:25:07 PM  
  They are the nicest people that you could ever want to hang with, play rooms are great. I have never experienced a bad time there. Check them out. You wont be sorry.
  Rating: 9


Title: ???? Date:7/3/2008 2:48:49 PM  
  They called it a ON premise club.So I loaded up the car and made the trip across state,HUGE downer.Nothing more than a god dam house party.Could have done that here!!!!
Gas at over $4.00 what the fuck??!!

  Rating: 1


Title: A place for everyone! Date:5/20/2008 11:39:01 PM  
  The BEST place to be with something going on all the time. 4 rooms to play in or watch others, hot tub and a pool. What more could you ask for?
  Rating: 10


Title: The best place to just be yourself Date:3/11/2008 11:00:08 PM  
  I love this place! People can go there and just be themselves and do what comes naturally. It could be sitting on the sofa chatting with other people or having fun in some of the other cool parts of the club! My favorite new hangout!
  Rating: 10


Title: Perfect for people who are new and old to the lifestyle Date:3/10/2008 12:32:48 AM  
  Other places intimidated me, I just feel comfortable at Oz. You can just lounge with others and talk.. or find some real hot action.
  Rating: 10


Title: Great Place!!! Date:3/16/2007 4:37:17 PM  
  Oz is a great place to go where you can be around fun sexy people. Has definitely become one of my favorite hang out spots!


Title: ive been here and iwas a great Date:9/15/2006 9:28:42 AM  
  some people arent ready for this thats why there makeing a big deal all over the news i hope this doesnt effect the party plans , i think people should mind there buisness. who cares what go's on behind closed doors i dont understand why people cant just mind there own buisness. leave the cape/ ft myers place alone there is no need to steriotype us..your just jellous u werent invited thats why u made the big fuss in the paper and the news ..

email me ill share more of my thoughts..kdavanzo@gmail.com

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OZ Private Club social loungeOZ Private Club social lounge
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OZ Private Club mirror roomOZ Private Club mirror room
mirror room

OZ Private Club group roomOZ Private Club group room
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OZ Private Club fetish playroomOZ Private Club fetish playroom
fetish playroom

OZ Private Club fetish playroomOZ Private Club fetish playroom
fetish playroom

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