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Dreamland Swingers Club


Gitar street 11

Budapest , Hungary






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Club Rating
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Reviews 13

Club Details

Club Size
500 square meters
Max. Occupancy 120 people
Playroom Occupancy 10 people
Alcohol Sold BYOB
Food Available
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Outside Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Sauna Yes
Jacuzzi Yes
Swimming Pool No
Smoking Allowed
in smoking area only
Private Rooms Yes
Private Locker Yes

Operating Time and Entrance fees:

  Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 8pm-3am 6000HUF 0 15000HUF
Thursday 8pm-1am 5000HUF 0 15000HUF
Friday 9pm-5am 8000HUF 0 15000HUF
Saturday 9pm-5am 10000HUF 0 15000HUF
Sunday Closed

Membership Fees:

SDC members discount/benefits:

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Dreamland Swingers Club Description


We founded our club (wich is situated in the 10 th district) in the year of 2001 with the purpose of giving a chance to those who fancy Swinger way of life.
On more than 600 m2 there are smokers and non-smokers rooms: Dance floor, Whirlpool, Magic-room, Sauna & Massage floor, Sado-Mazoroom and special rooms at your disposal ( a peep room, a mirror room, a dark room, a paint-room, and a lockable room). There is a great opportunity for men an women to spend a few wonderful hours in convenient circumstances to enjoy the beauty of FREE LOVE, without any obligations, on the basis of sympathy mutual.

In our bar you can find cold and hot meals, sandwiches, salads and desserts besides the wide range of 45 kinds of drinks, bar shows, erotic shows.
We make cocktails on your wish.

The price included 45 kinds of drinks, hot & cold meals, sandwiches, salads, desserts, party & participation!

You are cordially invited in our Club!
We wish you a pleasant time!

EVERYTHING is free, but NOTHING is binding...

Dreamland Swingers Club Reviews:  

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Title: Too cold, too many guys Date:10/24/2016 4:33:26 PM  
  It was our first time in that place. We choosen Friday and it was mistake. We arrive around 10:00 PM. Location is easy to find. Inside was 14-15 couples, most of them in age 45+, two or 3 was around 60+ Really? Only 3 attractive girls :(
Now the guys - also around 15 looks like a one singel guy for a couple. They were younger, half of them spent too much time in a gym. Second half never was there :)
On the main floor you have a drink bar with a very RUDE guy looks like a gypsy or turkish. Later he was replaced with nice girl but he was looking for us with anger. On the main floor you have a place for eating, dishes are good, nothing special but also not shitty. The rest of main floor is the dance floor but till 2:00 am nobody dance there. Every guests were sitting around the corners and looking at the people. No action there, it was a place for drink and smoke. Upstairs was a rooms for sex. Only one lockable. We saw there few nice gangbangs but only by few seconds because every time few guys arounded us, one even started to touch my wife nothing saying before. Terrible, they were going everywhere where we went. We just wanted to sit somewhere on the 1st floor and have a see some gangbang but it was not possible. They should have some limits for singles, more lockable rooms. The most stupid idea was climatization on the 1st floor, almost everyone was only in pants, lingerie and there was around 19 C. Too cold for sex, too cold club.

  Rating: 2


Title: Havefun8 Date:9/30/2016 7:59:54 AM  
  Last weekend evening / night club Been to Dreamland. Very chilled out club with a lot of nice people. Location is in a suburb v Budapest in a big house.
You gotta love a lot of action and a surplus of men, then you are in the right place. We enjoyed it very much and find it worth repeating.

  Rating: 9


Title: Catastrophic Date:9/12/2016 10:58:40 AM  
  We are couple and we were on September 9th in the club. Our first impression: A LOT of single men, most of them unpleasant and rude. Number of single ageing ladies (one of them drunk). A big cloud of smoke in the socialising room. No style at all, the swinging idea is killed and buried deep down in the basement. It looks like more ? brothel th?n a swingers club.
  Rating: 2


Title: holiday Date:3/11/2016 8:54:21 AM  
  very nice place to dicovering. i was in Budapest 4 days and i bean there 2 times.. nice people at the main door and also at the bar. i meet a few very nice couple's wich i had a very good time with them. for sure i will come back soon
  Rating: 8


Title: Very nice Date:9/8/2015 6:20:26 PM  
  Our first time in such club
Not overcrowded during week
Nice people at entrance and bar
Perfect place for discovering swingerclubs
We ll come back !

  Rating: 8


Title: carino Date:5/8/2014 5:10:14 AM  
  Club carino su 3 livelli, c'e tutto l'essenziale, venerdi e sabato 30/40 coppie principalmente di Budapest e qualche coppia straniera di passaggio. Personale gentile, piatti freddi a buffet e bar libero, si paga solo l'ingresso.
  Rating: 7


Title: OK Date:6/19/2013 5:20:29 PM  
  Very friendly and relaxed. More fun if you speak Hungarian but even so the crowd are not stand-offish. Not exactly high glamour but down and dirty action
  Rating: 5


Title: lame place Date:11/3/2011 12:00:11 PM  
  well first of all it is NOT downtown so best you take a taxi to and from, food and drinks are free, I'd say it's a lame place with all the untasteful decoration and shitty music on but the staff is friendly and helpful, Friday is best to visit on other days the place is almost empty, there is only one lockable room so if you don't mind being watched and disturbed all the time go for it, there are much better places the best of them is being Elite Swingers's Club Sandra
  Rating: 2


Title: Elso/First Visit Date:1/24/2010 3:50:25 PM  
  Jan. 22. - Tok jo emberek voltak, vidamok es tisztelettel. A zene KATASZTROFALIS volt. Miota velik 30-40 evvel ezelotti Mate Peter, Republik es Ciganydisco-t erotikusnak? A nagyon tehetsegtelen DJ hamarosan kiuritette a tanchelyet. Nagyon rendes & tiszta szervezes. Nagyon ajanljuk ha erotikus zene nem szamit.
Our first visit was nice. The people were happy and considerate, but the 30-40 year old music was horrible and totally un-erotic. Very recommendable otherwise. Great & friendly staff. Janet & George

  Rating: 7


Title: indianbudapestguy Date:3/21/2009 1:45:15 PM  
  I have never been to stuff like this before and wanted to experiment.. yesterday i went to this place and had some pretty tough time reaching there(bcoz am new to this country) but nevertheless its all for good..i had a great time out there had some fun with few older women and had some voyeuristic experiences.. its like dream come true.. u will feel like a porn star if u are there..most of the women come there with men so the chances that u can lay ur hands and d*** on them is slim but it depends..i saw some older men asking some real good hunks to fuck their women!! orgies all over the place.. if ur of soft type then u have jaccuzi,spas out there and best part is u can have everything free including food and women ;) there is a massuer also out there if u pay him(dont know the cost) he will give u a good massage( saw him giving massage to a women ;))
  Rating: 10


Title: First club visit Date:12/11/2008 3:24:26 PM  
  This was the first club my girlfriend and I visited. The club is well laid out and has everything you need. It is not huge, but has a lot of different rooms: one of them being a hardcore orgy room. We didn't go in: too scary for a womans' first night.
There is a jacuzzi downstairs which makes it a through route to a softcore room. Wet feet when you get there.
There was a lot of action in all the rooms and space to watch if voyeurism is your thing, although for most people the action was the attraction.

  Rating: 7


Title: Dreamland-March 2007 Date:3/24/2007 3:58:16 AM  
  The club and personnel were great. Met some nice people and had a great time. However, there was a downside.

Club personnel have the key to the locker and place it on a board. Someone did get access to my locker and take what they wanted in local currency. They were decent and left me enough for a cab ride to my hotel...even with this happening I would still recommend the club.

Just be careful not to take any extra cash or credit cards.

Harold Reeves



Title: Dream land club Date:1/18/2005 7:32:27 PM  
  We went as 3 singgle guys on a Friday night wich was mixed, Saturdays is couple's only. We pay about 25 all food and any drink for this price. Very nice house about 15 mins from the main train station by cab. We all had a great time. I my self stayed over till 10am for an extra charge of 3. I will be going again withe the wife this time. It was busy in July.
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