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DJs Island


Beaver , Pennsylvania







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Club Rating
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Reviews 14

Club Details

Club Size
0 square feet
Max. Occupancy 0 people
Playroom Occupancy 0 people
Alcohol Sold BYOB
Food Available
On premise sex allowed No
Dance Floor No
Fetish Room/Area No
Outside Area No
Massage Area No
Sauna No
Jacuzzi No
Swimming Pool No
Smoking Allowed
Private Rooms No
Private Locker No

Operating Time and Entrance fees:

  Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Membership Fees:

SDC members discount/benefits:

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DJs Island Description

Our Club
DJ's Island is a "unique" and exquisite addition to the lifestyle environment in Western Pennsylvania, where you will have the opportunity to meet others who share in the same interests and to develop new friendships. Upon entering, you will be welcomed at our reservation desk for a no pressure evening of excitement. Couples, as well as singles, are welcome. New members will be given a tour of our new facilities by the host couple. A full staff is available from a doorman to waitresses to someone that will make sure all the rooms are clean and ready to be occupied. DJ's will take great pride in making sure that everyone who comes to our club will want to return again. DJ's Island is owned and operated by Jim and Debbie, who have taken all the good things from other clubs and put them all together under 8500 square feet of area, including:
A large dining area seating 200+ with dance floor with State of the Art Lighting and Sound Equipment.
A 5 sided open bar with seating.
An open room with two king-size beds.
10 private rooms with complete baths in each.
A 20 person hot tub with open shower area.
A full staff including: doorman, receptionist, host couple, waitresses, cleaning staff, DJ and bartender.

Membership Information:
To become a member, a rules and membership application must be filled out and signed. A Driver's License must be shown at time membership is issued. For more information contact or call (412) 519-8608.

Club hours are 8:00 PM - 2:00 AM (Friday and Saturday). Doors will open at 7:00 PM and will be locked at 11:00 PM. We request that new members arrive between 7:00 and 8:00 PM for your exclusive tour and introduction to the Club.

The salad bar and h'ordeurves will be out at 7:30 PM. Dinner will be served from 8:00 PM until 11:30 PM. Deserts and finger sandwiches will be available at Salad Bar from midnight until closing.

DJ's Island is a BYOB club with a large bar and a bartender to mix your drinks. All mixers are available, including an Oasis frozen drink machine.

Computers with AOL Access will be available for your convenience.

appetizers: chicken wings, chicken strips, calamari, cheese sticks, onion rings and french fries
sandwiches: hamburger, cheeseburger, grilled chicken and fried fish
salads: grilled chicken or steak
dinners: chicken parmesan, steak, crab cakes, spaghetti and meatballs, fresh fish and jumbo fried shrimp
All dinners will be served with baked potato or french fries along with vegetable of the day.
Nightly specials will be available. A salad bar will be available.

Membership Rate $50.00 per year.

Single Male $75
Single Female $10
Couple $55

Single Male $75
Single Female $20
Couple $65

Membership Card must be presented at the Reception Desk upon entering club. Payments can be made with cash, check or charge.

1. No one admitted without a membership card that must be presented at Reception Desk upon entering.
2. No one admitted without a reservation.
3. Alcohol must be given to bartender and the bartender will have the right to determine if member has had too much to drink.
4. "NO" means "NO" and should someone choose to pursue another member after this has happened, please report to a staff member and that member will be asked to leave.
5. No blue jeans will be worn on Saturday Evening.
6. No cameras or video equipment.
7. DJ's Island is a private membership association! No one may attend any function or come in the property without being accepted as a member of DJ's Island. The Club is not open to the general public.
8. As a courtesy to our newer guests, please do not engage in heavy sexual activities in the nightclub area.
9. No glass permitted in the Jacuzzi area. Get a plastic cup from the bar.
10. No smoking is permitted in the private playrooms.

DJs Island Reviews:  

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Title: I Love this club Date:10/10/2013 8:30:20 PM  
  I love this club, for lots of reasons, I have been a member for about a year, and I am new to this lifestyle. the club is nice, the people are friendly, its clean, and Deb and Jim are nice people, Deb answers all my questions and I have had lots of them, and to the person who wants younger, better looking people, the people at this club are real people, and I love they way they all look, written by Dee. Don and Dee
  Rating: 10


Title: Worst club ever! Date:11/20/2012 3:27:51 PM  
  Why would anyone ever go to this club over the mountain retreat is beyond me! It is terrible! Rude people, not clean at all. I would and will only suggest checking out The Mountain Retreat! It is under new management and they accept everyone!
  Rating: 1


Title: an excellent meeting place Date:8/24/2012 8:21:25 PM  
  Wow, I'm shocked at some of the comments. Have been a member for many years. Sure no one will talk to you, if you sit in the corner and not talk to them as well. The food, staff and the members are number 1 in my book. The rooms are always kept clean, steak, shrimp, chicken dinners, what else do you want for the low price. As for the queens, if you don't enter the contests, then don't complain about the girls that represent the club. It's not a beauty contest, but more personality and who would represent the club the best. Dj's have won 3 times in Hedo, and 3 seconds, not too bad for old ladies. I wouldn't trade the friends that I have made there for anything.
  Rating: 10


Title: cant wait Date:10/20/2011 6:09:19 PM  
  cant wait to go back ! great safe place for like minded people togo andhave a great time!
  Rating: 10


Title: Very nice club...but people CAN be standoffish Date:9/4/2011 9:37:59 AM  
  This is a very clean and well-kept club. We understand though about people who say that no one will talk to them. The first time we went, we went with a group of friends and had a great time...but the second time was on our own and we really only had one new couple (a couple we hadn't met before) chat with us. If you're very outgoing, you should have no problem meeting people...however, if you're a little more awkard/introverted, we suggest going with or planning to meet at least one other couple there. The "meet and greets" are actually better for meeting new people...DJ's is more of a place to go with those new people after you've met them!
  Rating: 9


Title: My point of view. Date:6/8/2011 7:03:19 PM  
  The last time we were there no one wanted to talk to us either. The funny thing would have to be the queens from the contests. as the years go on they get worst looking. Need better looking women to enter. Make sure they are into guys and not just girls. That may help with the votes. And maybe a little younger too. The last girl that won Ms. no swimsuit from dj's looks old enough to be my grandmother. We need some younger people to attract the younger crowd.Other then that this club is a pretty good time.
  Rating: 9


Title: Excellent Club Date:6/8/2008 3:39:35 AM  
  We have been there quite a few times....Friday Nights are more of the Laid Back & Down to Earth Everyday People...Saturday nights are more of The Professional & Classier People...Either way its all good!!....GREAT FOOD;GREAT FRIENDS & GREAT TIMES are what you'll find at Djsprvateisland!!....Also you'll find alot of bi females usually....Best ADVICE FOR YOU THAT DID NOT FIND DJS GREAT IS YOU GOTTA GET UP & MINGLE;MINGLE;MINGLE!!!
You may or may not find real fun the 1st few times but if you dont get up & mingle with the other people you may never know if you can have a great time sometime or not....& for newbies most seasoned swingers will answer any questions you have about the Lifestyle including the owners so DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK!!!! ......We Love this Upscale & Classy Establishment as well as the owners too!! ....They are really cool;sweet & nice people!!! Sonia & Will

  Rating: 10


Title: tommy Date:8/15/2005 2:14:43 PM  
  We have been to the club several times and had a great time each time. Food is excellent and you can have as much as you want. Dance floor, and music are great, As with anything else there are hot people and not so hot people, its just like anywhere else. there is ALL tyes there. I have never had trouble finding a room or a spot in community room, if somebody approaches and you say no, they walk away. The only trouble is to many single male perverts standing around watching and drooling, it would be better with couples only.


Title: Our Favorite SwingClub Around! Date:1/25/2005 11:37:16 PM  
  We definetly give DJ'S ISLAND in Beaver Falls,PA 5 STARS!!!!!!!!!!.....Its really the hippest;coolest & wildest Swing club around!!!!....Although somewhat very elite they make EVERYONE that attends feel like a part of a kinda big family in away....& once the party gets started..LOOKOUT!!!..Thats when the REAL FUN BEGINS!!!!....We Highly reccomend this club!!!!....Try it you wont be sorry you did!!!!


Title: DJ's Review Date:12/13/2004 9:49:36 PM  
  We attended this weekend and the place was hopping and very nicely decorated. The club is large, lots of seating, service was excellent, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere. People were very friendly, and the owner went out of his way to make sure we were enjoying our visit. Lots of amenities, and the rooms were spacious and comfortable. Staff was attentive yet discrete. Lots of fun and a very nice evening. And you can book a room for overnight if you wish...a win-win!


Title: Not sure were the last posting Date:8/17/2004 11:18:42 AM  
  I have no idea what the last posting was about we have been to this club a lot. The Group room is always packed there are 10 private rooms and they were all being used when ever we looked. In fact if there was a problem it was we had to play either in the dinning room or the group room because every other room was busy. As for the price there is a 50 once a year membership fee that is refundable if you dont like the club and 65.00 for the party. For that we had a great steak diner and anything else we wanted basically all night. The staff were all over the place either changing rooms waiting on tables getting people involved couldnt ask for anything else. The hot tub is always busy and I would agree that there are usually more men the cpls there but they are not single men most are married and there wives were off playing or dancing. I dont know we had a blast every time we go


Title: Talk about misleading Date:6/14/2004 10:44:59 PM  
  This was nothing more then a meet & greet business. No sexual activity at all. Our first night cost us $115.00, and for what? A small meal and watch dirty dancing. There were many cliques of people hanging out together and ignoring others. The people were Barbie and Ken wannabes and not too friendly. Staff was not attentive. The only form of sex we saw, where guys jacking off in the spa.


Title: Nice place Date:4/28/2004 6:08:44 PM  
  Nice clean place but the people are pretty old and fat. Me and three of my girlfriends went there and had a good time with oldsters. I even messed around with a lady who could have been my Mom. Which I guess was kind of hot ???


Title: GORGEOUS, classy club! Date:2/28/2004 9:20:04 PM  
  This club as simply BEAUTIFUL! It is immaculately clean, and the private rooms are just like hotel rooms (full baths, big beds, etc). They have many fun, sexy themes going on now including a fantasy night. If you are looking for an upscale, classy club, this is the one. We do not recommend any others in our area!

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