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Club-Xtasia Swingers Club Club-Xtasia Guest List
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140 High Street West Bromwich

West Bromwich , uk




07850 236053


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Club Rating
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Reviews 31

Club Details

Club Size
5000 square feet
Max. Occupancy 600 people
Playroom Occupancy 600 people
Alcohol Sold For Sale
Food Available
Appetizers Snacks
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Outside Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Sauna No
Jacuzzi No
Swimming Pool No
Smoking Allowed
in smoking area only
Private Rooms Yes
Private Locker No

Operating Time and Entrance fees:

  Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 8pm-3am 15 GBP Free 25 GBP
Saturday 8pm-3am 25 GBP 10 GBP
Sunday Closed

Membership Fees:
Couple Free Ladies Free Guys 25 GBP per annum

SDC members discount/benefits:
Guaranteed Entrance when on SDC List

Hotel recommendations:
Premier Inn. (next door)

Club-Xtasia Description

Club Xtasia is a contact club for couples and singles between the ages of 20 and 60 years of age, looking to meet like-minded people in a friendly party-disco style atmosphere. The club started in 1990 and has earned the reputation of being the best contact club in the country, because of its genuine members and laid-back relaxed fun evenings.

All of our members are looking for new and exciting friendships so it is a very flirty evening, which takes you back to your teenage days of night-clubbing. Most of the ladies dress daringly, but if you prefer, dress just casual and smart as the guys do. The smoochy dances held at regular intervals throughout the evening can be a little erotic, with consenting couples changing partners during these sessions. Gentle petting may occur if all parties agree. There are specific areas within the club in which members can get involved in more erotic scenes of their choice and our staff will explain and show you these areas on the occasion of your first visit.

The club is now is fully licenced, and members are not allowed to bring in any drinks of their own.

Club-Xtasia Reviews:  

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Title: Superb club Date:3/22/2012 1:08:06 PM  
  Visited on a Friday and Saturday night. Both were busy, Sat more so as it was an SDC party Nite. Great welcome at the door, shown round the facilities, left at the fully stocked bar, cheap and very pretty barmaid, and then left to roam and play at will. Didn't feel at all pressurised by the singles on Friday, infact during one play session as guys started to move in on us, I just waved and they all backed off straight away. Happyto recommend fully, we've found a club we'll be going back to time and time again.
  Rating: 10


Title: "Thank You" Date:10/25/2011 4:33:10 PM  
  Visited X-Tasia last Friday night. Just want to say a big Thank You to everyone for making us feel so welcome and at ease. A special mention to the very cute ??Londoner for making an Irish girl very happy!
  Rating: 10


Title: Very Impressed Date:10/10/2011 4:27:57 AM  
  Our first time at Xtasia. The welcome was very warm and the tour of the facilities very comprehensive. Drinks were very reasonably priced.
The Club started to fill up from 9.30pm and got very interesting at midnight!
All in all a great night we would recommend to anyone.

  Rating: 10


Title: Strictly Come Swinging!!!!!!! Date:10/2/2011 7:18:51 AM  
  I've Been Djing There Since March 2010 On A Friday Night And The Occasional Saturday And Can Honestly Say Hand On Heart That Up To Yet Ive Had No Complaints....I Must be doing something right....(Makes A Change)!!! The Best Music...Lighting...Sound System...Staff..Oh Yeah and Me...What more can you ask for....Diezzl x
  Rating: 10


Title: Excellent ! Date:2/5/2011 9:27:15 AM  
  Being new to the club scene we were both excited and nervous on our first night.
No need to be. The staff were lovely (Yes John even you) lol
The owners were welcoming, helpful and informative. We were shown around and given all the information we needed.
Drinks were an excellent price and the atmosphere was relaxed. We had such a good time on the Friday we went back on the Saturday too just to try it
Thanks to all.
L and R xxx

  Rating: 10


Title: Xtasia rocks! Date:1/19/2011 6:19:58 AM  
  We LOVE this club!!, we haven't tried any of the others but have spoken to many people that have and we are staying put! The atmosphere is great, plenty of places to have fun, the single guys are always very respectful..(no means no)..and you get some really fit couples going there that know what they want! Singles night for couples (if that makes sense) is only £10 on a Friday, (£25 for single guys) and couples nites (Saturdays) are only £25...thats a bargain for a quality nite out! Jon and Mel are fab, they really have got the balance perfect here, the drinks are cheap as chips and the company always good, the staff are fab too, (prepare to be insulted by John behind the bar...but all in the best possible taste, he is a laugh a minute!) To sum up...WHY GO ANYWHERE ELSE?!? 11 out of 10 from these two happy swingers!!
  Rating: 10


Title: us makems Date:8/21/2010 8:44:46 PM  
  well ad a greta time john even tho i told u underland would win but they didnt well 1 point to us ha ha kick ya ass next time plus club was great ad a good night xxxxxxx tania the big mouth
  Rating: 7


Title: DJ'ing here in April! Date:3/22/2010 7:34:01 AM  
  Hi peeps! Having met with Jon and Marilyn (lovely couple!) recently, I'll be DJ'ing for the first time at Xstasia on 17th April. Having read some of the reviews re: the music, i'd be interested to hear what you guys have to say about what music you'd like to hear. Also, would you like some "fun competitions" - say a striptease for your man (or any man!) with a prize for the best? Trying to get some ideas together to make sure we all have a fantastic night! :)
  Rating: 10


Title: Had a lovely time!! Date:1/23/2010 5:34:03 PM  
  Timid first time lady transformed into prowling horny bi sex goddess :) Great place. Lovely people. Great staff. Clean. Cheap drinks. Nice atmosphere. Brilliant xxx
  Rating: 10


Title: jameslouise1 Date:11/4/2009 10:13:20 AM  
  great club,freindly staff,bar prices are good,lots of great people at club,so relaxed when you are there never under preasure you do your own thing,we just love it,just wish one thing please change the music it seems the same every time we go other than that 9/10 score.xxxxxxxx
  Rating: 9


Title: Quiet night Date:8/25/2009 1:46:51 PM  
  Unfortunately last time we went there was a big do in Bristol and everyone was there instead. It was very quiet and those 'curtain sessions' are a total waste of time; I wish they would ditch those and get a DJ in to play some better music. We would like to take friends to join too but feel a little apprehensive after this visit.

D & R

  Rating: 6


Title: Great night out Date:1/5/2009 4:23:08 PM  
  Great club, central location, hotel next door.

Very well run by owners who know how to run a club not just an orgy.

Needs some modernisation, and the music policy is a regular subject of conversation.

  Rating: 9


Title: 20 DECEMBER 2008 Date:12/22/2008 1:37:07 PM  
  We visited the club on saturday, it was our first night swinging and had a fab night. The club was very friendly and relaxed, drinks are cheap and everyone made us feel so welcome, cant wait to go back.
  Rating: 10


Title: what a fantastic nite Date:11/25/2008 1:28:54 PM  
  wow what a great nite we visited xtasia on the 15th nov , we are new to all this but ad a great nite everyone was really friendly ,staff we great , drinks are so cheap we couldnt beleive it , will defo be going bk very soon. x(the sexiest place weve ever been )
  Rating: 9


Title: love it Date:10/28/2008 8:12:56 AM  
  we have been to xtasia now three times. its great and very friendly staff.
there is only one down point they dont have a large enough room for a mega orgy.

  Rating: 9


Title: Back to School Party Date:9/24/2008 4:06:09 PM  
  Xtasia has always been a good swingers club with a good crowd and my wife and I have been many times over the years. The back to school party was particularly hot with some outrageous action taking place. Also met Mark the author of a new book "Swinging The Games Your Neighbours Play". The book looks interesting and I'm looking forward to reading it and learning more about our lifestyle...
  Rating: 9


Title: Hot Night Date:8/27/2008 9:46:25 AM  
  16/8/08 Wet T-shirt night.

Xtasia is my favorite club and especially when it's an SDC wet T shirt night. The girls were popping out all over the place and this was the sexiest night I have been to. The club is one of the best England has to offer, it's clean, well run and has friendly staff. With nights like these I wonder why I ever went to a vanilla club or why everyone isn't in the lifestyle? i'm Looking forward to next time.

  Rating: 10


Title: Great place Date:7/16/2008 1:53:59 PM  
  Out of all the clubs we have been to this is by far the best. The staff are friendly, professional and very much in control. You feel safe at all times, even your car is looked after. The drinks are cheaper than in pubs and we love the cheesy music! The atmostsphere is very laid back and friendly. We have met many lovely people, some of whom have become friends. If it is your first time to a club, this is the one to visit.
  Rating: 9


Title: Ahh the famous XT! Date:7/5/2008 4:13:41 PM  
  Well this is our favourite UK club. It has it's faults (really wish they'd bin the curtains down rubbish, and the play areas really do need a lot of work!) but we consistently have good fun nights out at XT. Above all it's somewhere you can go with the intention of just having a good night out, and if you happen to click with people and have some sex then it's an even better night!
  Rating: 9


Title: 17th may 08 Date:5/18/2008 5:10:45 PM  
  sdc night of uniforms well done to all who attended and made the effort. lots of gr8 people and a good night was had by mr and mrs blue.just one comment which is contructive not critial that the music needs bringing up to date and more dance orientated.hey guys get some cascada etc on all in all a gr8 club with good management and you always feel safe
  Rating: 8


Title: Halloween oct 27th 2007 Date:10/28/2007 1:40:27 PM  
  what a fab sdc night, the club was packed with witches and warlocks, drinks were very cheap and the place was buzzing.Great place to go on a sdc night the staff are in control and a good night is ensured, just a note on the music repeating the same tracks gets a bit boring after a while but otherwise a great night the prem inn was packed and we hope the people stuck in the lift are ok
  Rating: 10


Title: Softies Night Xtasia Date:5/1/2007 5:27:14 AM  
  What a great place This was our 1st time and visit to the club,

The staff were excellent and showed us round and covered all area's in detail

We had a great night met a couple and had fun in the loft

Carol & Mark

  Rating: 9


Title: Irish Couple " Newcee" on SDC Date:12/15/2006 1:04:12 PM  
  We visited Birmingham to do some xmas shopping & dropted into Xtasia. We had a great night.The club is very well managed ( tks to John & his lovely wife)We were give the royal tour & felt very safe by the very professional staff who were very nice.Hope to be back soon with some friends & to make some new friends.

O & D xxx



Title: fetish couple Date:11/27/2006 8:02:48 PM  
  we are master and slave ,we do are demos at this club on friday every month ,
you can come and watch dont have to join in ,no pessure at all .we are very friendly couple .
slave slut shelly is very horny and she orgams from the rope bonadge at all times ,she not in pain when i whip her she enjoys it alot ,and i enjoy it too by seeing shelly have her fun .....

so its on this friday all is welcome xxx
want too learn all aspects of rope bonadge then please free too ask us .

we like too come here do are fetish as we dont get any bother at all off the swingers.
and we feel very comfortable.

we are fetish couple and master and slave,
bdsm side pleasure but no pain ...

we dont swing at all ,,,
but we do swing in fetish side only...
thank you very much steve and michelle couple who love to come here xx



Title: club xtasi a Date:9/18/2006 4:22:53 PM  
  great club great sex


Title: heather Date:8/9/2006 3:41:55 PM  
  went to club for ist time last week,very impressed.we liked the curtain areas lots of fun and foreplay without the commitment. will come again


Title: Visited from America Date:9/8/2005 12:20:45 PM  
  While on vacation we went to this club and had a blast, real sexy fun...


Title: Great Club Date:7/21/2004 2:42:34 PM  
  Fantastic place, stunning couples, great things going on all the time. Lots of interaction available but in the main everyone respects everyone all the time.
Nightclub atmosphere with nice music, some periods of erection section music which allows couples to get close. Only possible critisism is that some areas of the club are a little dark preventing good viewing of the sexy things that happen all the time.
The staff are really friendly and the pricing is very fair in all aspects particulaly as you can bring your own drinks.
Without the best place weve been. D & S



Title: xstaia Date:4/4/2004 7:50:04 AM  
  we go this club every sat brill place 100% allways garanteed a good time some really good talent there WOW.good parking. cars watched all night some great fun rooms there dont bother about any other clubs in mids area this is no1 without adoubt.very nice staff and a great disco.the only fault we found with this club is it could do with some private lockable rooms but hey who cares as this is a great club a must to try for 1st timers also.. nick n jackie (south derbyshire)


Title: The place to be ... Date:3/6/2004 9:55:47 AM  
  The club charges a fair entrance fee, you can take yr own drinks, has a great dance area, Jacuzzi, and lots of play area. Is always very busy with nice attractive people. The best place in the UK for definite.


Title: Brilliant Date:2/14/2004 6:45:37 PM  
  Excellent club, brilliat facilities and really good quality of people from around the country. Staff really good and helpful.
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Club-Xtasia Dnce FloorClub-Xtasia Dnce Floor
Dnce Floor

Club-Xtasia Dance floorClub-Xtasia Dance floor
Dance floor

Club-Xtasia Dancing PolesClub-Xtasia Dancing Poles
Dancing Poles

Club-Xtasia Dancing polesClub-Xtasia Dancing poles
Dancing poles

Club-Xtasia BarClub-Xtasia Bar

Club-Xtasia Small bedrooms Club-Xtasia Small bedrooms
Small bedrooms

Club-Xtasia Bar & DancefloorClub-Xtasia Bar & Dancefloor
Bar & Dancefloor

Club-Xtasia Downstairs LoungeClub-Xtasia Downstairs Lounge
Downstairs Lounge

Club-Xtasia Upstairs LoungeClub-Xtasia Upstairs Lounge
Upstairs Lounge

Club-Xtasia Glory HolesClub-Xtasia Glory Holes
Glory Holes

Club-Xtasia Erotic BedClub-Xtasia Erotic Bed
Erotic Bed

Club-Xtasia Large bed Club-Xtasia Large bed
Large bed

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