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Club Joi


Los Angeles , California






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Club Rating
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Reviews 7

Club Details

Club Size
7000 square feet
Max. Occupancy 400 people
Playroom Occupancy 100 people
Alcohol Sold BYOB
Food Available
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area No
Outside Area Yes
Massage Area No
Sauna No
Jacuzzi No
Swimming Pool No
Smoking Allowed
in smoking area only
Private Rooms No
Private Locker Yes

Operating Time and Entrance fees:

  Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday 9pm-5am $60 FREE N/A
Sunday 4pm-11pm $50 FREE $100

Membership Fees:
Only $20 per year, per couple or single. You must sign our agreement at the door your first time. If you get a new partner you need a new membership. Single ladies are always free with a $20 yearly membership.

SDC members discount/benefits:
Discounts for coming before 10:30pm or after 2am.

Sponsored events like the May 22nd Lingerie Party, and some future events, have gift bags for the first 20 couples who arrive.

Hotel recommendations:
Having just started the club we haven't done the Hotel research. Please help us. There are a bunch of hotels near us from cheap to wowzers. Call 323-944-7527 and complete your phone interview for the address, and then do a search. If you find a favorite please let us know and we will try to work out a corporate group discount for everybody.

Club Joi Description

Club Joi is a private, 21 or over Members only, Lifestyle club.
Membership is restricted to open minded liberal couples and single Ladies.
Joi is a great Lifestyle club for beginners and hard core swingers. Club Joi offers the ultimate setting to explore your Fantasies acting as both a erotic dance club, and as an on premise swing club. Couples new to the lifestyle will soon find erotic dance parties and swing clubs make regular vanilla clubs boring. At swing clubs the girls are pulling each others clothes off and everybody is in a sexy mood. Some couples simply enjoy the touching and partner exchange on the dance floor. Some just like to watch, some simply come to play. Even if you don't actually swing, or your not ready for the next big step, the erotic atmosphere will leave you excited and anxious for more.
Experience the Joi

Club Joi Reviews:  

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Title: Consistent & Fun Date:8/8/2015 4:57:59 PM  
  It's the only real swingers/lifestyle/sex club in Los Angeles that holds weekly themed parties. It's always a good mix of people and the venue is well maintained. We like that there's always out-of-town couples, new faces and a no-pressure atmosphere. A go-to spot!
  Rating: 10


Title: A great experience for my first time with my gf!!!!! Date:3/5/2012 4:18:03 AM  
  It was my first time at any swing club so I couldn't compare it to any other place. My girlfriend had gone to fa and said was more classy and the people were a a little more respectful but the overall experience was a good one since it was both our first time together at a swing club. The club was a good size and the staff was nice. Overall for my first experience it was a great one.
  Rating: 7


Title: Go see Babyface at Club Joi Date:1/25/2011 7:52:37 PM  
  We just started going to the club within the last few months, and when we saw her "Babyface", we were just in AWWWHH. A beautiful woman with a husband that can last all night. This couple brings out the sexual vibe in this atmosphere. My wife and I have spoken to many couples and regulars and they've all agreed that Babyface and All Nighter is the couple you want to meet at Club Joi. She is exotic, moves with passion, makes you feels so good (even just by looking at her) by far a Sex Goddess, an upotomy of the Goddess Aphrodite and Athena. Visit Club Joi and you won't regret your pleasures, especially if you get to have Babyface!!!!!!
  Rating: 10


Title: Best Club in LA... Hands Down!!! Date:1/5/2011 9:13:23 PM  
  Being in the lifestyle for a while, it was definitely a great find to discover Club FA. We basically became regulars since we were there every opportunity we'd get. But after a while, the drive and the cost started to get quite old.

Living in the valley, there are many different sources when it comes to swinging, and it basically became trial and error. A few months ago, some friends told us about a new club in LA so we decided to check it out.

I am pleased to say that it only took 20 minutes from my front door to the entrance of Club Joi. As soon as we got there, we were happy to be welcomed with a secure parking structure. And even happier when it took literally like 15 steps to get from the exit of the parking structure to the front door of the club. I have to say that I was surprised with the cost to get in since I was so used to paying much more with other clubs and events.

Walking in, the staff were really friendly and didn't take long at all to fill out the normal paperwork. The next thing we were greeted with was the buffet area where we spent some time later that night :) We got there close to opening time so there weren't many people there, but an hour later, the place was popping! We were both surprised to see the amount of good looking/doable couples, especially since it was New Years Day.

The music was great and the DJ was happy to oblige when we requested a song. We really didn't have to request a song since it seemed like he was reading my mind on what to play. It was just an excuse to flirt with him since he was really hot. His girlfriend, hot and super sweet. I wonder if they play because I wouldn't mind at all ;)

The play areas are very spacious with lounge areas and cool lighting. A play area downstairs and a big one upstairs. Plenty of bathrooms both upstairs and downstairs but unfortunately no showers. You can't win them all. Two smoking patios with seating areas and heaters which was good because it was cold that night.

Overall, it was a great experience and a great night. We really enjoyed the atmosphere, the music, the friendly staff and hot swingers :D We will definitely be there every change we get!

  Rating: 10


Title: Best Club in LA Date:12/22/2010 12:51:27 PM  
  I'd like to review the club and the last reviewer.

First the club was brilliant. The place is enormous and has a classy, sexy vibe to it. They play a variety of music presumably to accommodate the variety of people. We put in a request and it came on 20 minutes later. There is a huge dance floor with sexy girls stripping on the pole for fun. We hung out by the fireplace and tried to enjoy the patios even though it rained.

Christmas was a huge party with a very sexy and playful crowd. Most of the girls participated in the theme. There were even a couple girls just wearing a Santa hat. The costume contest was very sexy, and the club gave away a ton of goodies. My wife took home a SDC shirt. A new friend of hers got a vibrating egg and they were playing with it.

It seemed like everyone ventured back to the playrooms and it got extremely wild. There were two areas with beds covered in Velvet, and Sheer curtains separating beds. The upstairs areas were darker and more private. Downstairs was packed with naked Horney swingers. What a scene!

The last reviewer said it was better than all the vanilla clubs in town and better than driving an hour plus to San Bernardino. Since it is the only on-premise swing club in LA, that's still open, that must mean he thinks it is the best club in LA, but gives it a 6. Douche. Learn how to spell man. With people like that to cater to no wonder all the other clubs closed down.

It's amazing that they can do all this for only $50 a couple. We pay more for cover charges to go to raves that charge us $5 for water, and that's all you can get. One couple we talked to said the feel like this is the only club where they don't feel like they are being ripped off.

Really if you are at all interested in swinging, and are in Los Angeles, Club Joi is a must!

  Rating: 10


Title: has potential, but not there yet Date:12/20/2010 1:32:54 PM  
  We attended an event there and it seemed ok at first. However, the DJ would play one or two good songs and get everyone dancing then would play sum thing terrible and everyone would quit dancing. Then he just up and left the dj booth altogether by about 130am, presumably to go play...along with everyone else it seemed. There weren't too many hot couples this night either. Most folks seemed to be there for the 1st time so hopefully it continues to grow.

Also, they stopped the music for quite awhile to give away prizes but that just took way too long and killedd the momentum. As for the play areas, the upstairs was full. U actually had to wait in line. Also, its a big loft with limited amount of couches. Could use more lounge areas as its a huge space so it makes it kind of a cold room. Could be more inviting. Downstairs play area kinda small too. I guess more play areas and just a tad more privacy.

As for the good, its closer than FA,it has potential. We hope it gets better, we may check it out again in the future once they work the kinks out. Its still better than a regular club though!

I hope the people at Club Joi read this cause it really does have potential and we would love to go here instead of FA due to the long drive.

  Rating: 6


Title: A good place to get laid! Date:10/2/2010 10:52:16 AM  
  This is a good club. Not too big, not too small, but just right! The location is easy to get to (downtown LA). The food is pretty good, and there are enough bathrooms.
The percentage of doable girls is much higher here: about 1 in 3, as opposed to FA, which is 1 in 7.5 (hey, I'm a math guy!)
The only downside is a lack of showers.
We've been there three times thus far, and will go back every time possible!

  Rating: 7
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