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Austin Friends / The FRIENDS Club


The FRIENDS Club strives to be both discreet and secure for all prospective Members.Di

Austin , Texas






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Reviews 12

Club Details

Club Size
15 square feet
Max. Occupancy 600 people
Playroom Occupancy 99 people
Alcohol Sold BYOB
Food Available
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Outside Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Sauna No
Jacuzzi No
Swimming Pool No
Smoking Allowed
in smoking area only
Private Rooms Yes
Private Locker No

Operating Time and Entrance fees:

  Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday 9pm-2am $45 $10
Saturday 9pm-2am $75 $20
Sunday Closed

Membership Fees:
Only Members of The FRIENDS Club are allowed to attend our parties, as we are a Private, Members Only Club.

To become a Member a short form is filled out ON ARRIVAL, and the Membership Dues are paid.

Cost PER COUPLE for MEMBERSHIP is as follows:

Trial/Weekend Memberships: $40 (good for 1 weekend only)
Annual Memberships: $150 (good for 1 YEAR from the date of purchase)

In addition to Membership fees there IS a separate cover charge for each night.

The cover charge on FRIDAY nights per COUPLE is $30, and the charge on SATURDAY nights is $50 per COUPLE.

SINGLE LADIES are charged on a lower scale for both Memberships and Covers.

Further details may be seen on our main web page at !

SDC members discount/benefits:

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Austin Friends / The FRIENDS Club Description

The FRIENDS Club is a discreet, Members Only, Private club established in 1993, just on the edge of Austin, Texas. This is NOT a house party, or a "club" of people that roam from one location to another, and simply group together.

The FRIENDS Club has a standing location that provides ADVENTUROUS COUPLES and SINGLE FEMALES a secure setting to interact, mingle, dance, and get to know one another (in a variety of ways!) ... while partying through the night.

Ample and comfortable seating is provided around a centralized dance floor that makes you WANT to get up and get SHAKIN'!

The music is undefined, request driven, and designed to appeal to a very broad audience. The latest songs on the radio (Hip-Hop, Top 40, Rock, and even some Country) are blended with classic Lifestyle Club songs like "Pour Some Sugar On Me", and "Pussy Control" so that everyone has something they can get out and groove to through the party.

For your pleasures and indulgences The FRIENDS Club also provides a STRIPPER POLE, a GO-GO CAGE, and a SHADOW BOX that can bring a crowd to full attention at any point in the night.

In being a Members Only, Private Club that allows (NOT requires) clothing to be as minimal as a G-String, we are not able to serve alcohol. Basic set-ups are provided free of charge, and Premium set-ups (generally Energy Drinks and Juices) are sold for a small fee. This being the case, Members are allowed to bring in whatever beverages they find most conducive to the atmosphere and enjoy them responsibly.

In other words, The FRIENDS Club does NOT serve alcohol of any kind or in any way, but if you would like to bring your own we can provide you with a glass, and a bit of ice !

The FRIENDS Club is open every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm until 2am, and considers all interested parties as potential Members.

The focus at The FRIENDS Club is always on FUN and SEXY times in an environment that is seductive and filled with like minded adults.

Only a few years back, a woman with "junk in the trunk" was considered by many to be a little less than appealing, while recently there has been an ever growing number of people that are seeking exactly that form. The FRIENDS Club is not here to DEFINE what you find appealing. We are just here to help you FIND and CONNECT with those people that see the world in a comparable way to you!

Current Membership is required on each visit to The FRIENDS Club and is gained on completion of the Membership application, and payment of Annual or Trial/Weekend dues. Prices are listed above, and on our core website:

Cover charge is SEPARATE from Membership cost and is paid nightly to enter The FRIENDS Club.

The FRIENDS Club is NOT a feeding frenzy for uninhibited people to swarm everyone that walks in the door. The FRIENDS Club is simply an intimate, seductive, private location that allows many freedoms that are not provided in general public between consenting adults. Members are encouraged to take things only as far as they desire, but are allowed to go far beyond limits that society may normally impose.

We look forward to seeing you soon at The FRIENDS Club !

Austin Friends / The FRIENDS Club Reviews:  

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Title: Went last night.. Date:5/8/2016 5:54:13 PM  
  Initially we wanted to just check it out as anyone would having never been there. We bought a temporary membership and after meeting some really good people from the moment we walked through the door.. Converted to a full membership... You can definitely fulfill some erotic pleasures in this club worth checking out.... Great atmosphere !!!
  Rating: 8


Title: Go here to be sexy! Date:8/21/2014 9:21:38 AM  
  My wife and I have been going to The Friends Club for almost 2 months now. The owner was very welcoming, and the head bartender made as feel right at home (and VERY sexy). Believe it or not, my wife is very shy. On our second visit, the bartender politely took my wife's hand and led her onto the dance floor, eventually making their way up to the shadowbox. One fellow said to me "Excuse me while I step over your tongue". Everyone we've met has been incredibly social and has given us tips on how to ease into the lifestyle.

We are now on hugging basis with people! We've invited others out who've had fun as well, and are going more than we are, and they live an hour away! Seeing my wife being desired by others (males and females) is a huge turn on to me, and makes me want her even more! As a bonus, they have volunteers come out and an hour or so demonstration from roping, bdsm, etc etc. Oh and not to mention the themed nights where ladies are encouraged to dress to impress! There is a nice size dance floor, the music is great, and is played at just the right level so you can still have conversations with others, and not have to yell (which is what I really like because I love chatting with others)

If you're into having a fantasy of being watched, watching others, casual encounters with other couples, hell even just getting out so you and your significant other can just be sexy in front of others in an atmosphere that encourages it, you'll have a great experience. The crowds are growing from all ages every weekend, and now there are a couple of more ladies to help out behind the bar. And I assure you the bartender(s) are friendly, flirty, always wearing very sexy outfits! Everyone there loves to see new faces, and you'll have no problem fitting in. Go up to the bar, great conversations, and great fun.

We see the passion that drives this club, and how much it means to the owner and the people that go on a regular basis. If you read this post, I encourage you to give The Friends Club a try.

  Rating: 10


Title: I LOVE this bar!!! Date:7/8/2014 10:26:46 PM  
  So technically not a bar because all they serve is set ups and no actual alcohol but that doesn't make me love this place any less. I have been going to this club for almost a year and I love it there. I love the people, the owner is awesome, the atmosphere is non judgmental and fun! They have been working hard to make the place better. Every weekend it seems like they have made a new improvement or added a new twist to an old idea. I love this place and hope to see y'all out there :)
  Rating: 10


Title: Club got a complete update Date:7/16/2011 5:18:59 PM  
  Noticed the issues on reviews here and wanted to let folks know the club has been completely redone. New air keeping it cool. No smoking seating areas as well as more ventilation. We went last night and didn't even notice the smoke for the first time ever. The club has gone way upscale from where it was, definitely worth checking out now. Friday night had a good crowd, looking forward to seeing what Saturday is like.
  Rating: 9


Title: Friendly people but too much smoke! Date:3/4/2010 12:35:45 PM  
  Been there several times with friends and had an enjoyable time except for the smoke. Not a younger crowd - avg ages 40-60 - but everyone was very friendly and made for a wild time! If they'd just limit the smoking, put in better ventilation and maybe add on a bit more (it's very small) we might go more often!
  Rating: 7


Title: Nice Overall .... Date:7/4/2009 9:40:36 AM  
  We have been to the club twice and the people were very nice but the club need some attention, it's hot inside (sittting down with a drink!). The smoke levels are moderate and the bathrooms could really stand A/C and a little dress up. The plus to this club is the people - all ages and friendly with good music.
  Rating: 7


Title: Good time Date:1/26/2009 12:29:56 PM  
  Went to Friends Sat night finding it relaxed and pretty much as the web site says. It was my first time to a swinger club. Not a fancy place and I'm sure there are nicer clubs of this type for those looking for that but for us first timers we were looking for a place that was relaxed and found it here. Smoking is allowed throughout the club so if you are offended by that it might not be your place.

Overall a great time by a couple of first timers.

  Rating: 8


Title: ok Date:7/25/2008 7:38:53 PM  
  Not the myspace crowd. Low ceilings and lots and lots of cigarette smoke and ......
  Rating: 4


Title: Friends Club Date:7/3/2008 4:47:16 PM  
  This is the best club to go to in Texas. If you want to just have a great time with no pressure or stuck up people, thats the place you want to go. We love going there and always will. Larry the owner is hands down the best guy you will ever come across, he makes all feel comfortable and welcome. go check it out and have some fun.
  Rating: 10


Title: Nice club Date:7/3/2008 3:23:35 PM  
  WE like this club it maybe a lil small but it has some good points to it. The people were very nice and inviting us to join them. My lady love the shark cage and shadow box too. It was a lil older crowd for us but we didn't have any pushy people bother us . Everybody pretty much had a good time. We would love to visit again in the future..
Virgo and Aries..

  Rating: 7


Title: the name says it all Date:5/15/2008 5:47:12 PM  
  we have tried several clubs all over texas and hands down frinds is the most laid back non stuck up friendly place in texas. When you go in they make you feel right at home, you might be shy at first, but that will end quickly. It is also the most opened age group we have ever seen, there is cpls in there for every age. go feel comfortable and sexy at friends club. we do.
  Rating: 10


Title: BEST in Central Texas ! Date:4/20/2007 4:31:17 PM  
  "Friends" is the greatest thing we have seen in a long time, and we love to party there !

They have been going for almost 14 years, and Larry and the staff know how to make you feel welcome and keep things fun.

Meeting other couples of like mindset is no problem at all, because everyone is "down south friendly" and willing to talk with you if you take a moment to introduce yourself.

The stripper pole rocks, and the "shark cage" they have is like no other we have seen (apparently Larry built it himself ?) ... oh and the waterfall shadow box is cool too !!

This is a great place to hang out, hook-up, or whatever, and we LOVE the Premiere Events they have that always seem to draw a big crowd.

If you are looking for a place to explore this lifestyle Friends seems like it is warm to newbies and those that have had a degree of experience as well.

This club is great, and we will be there as often as possible !

  Rating: 10


Title: Great place Date:7/20/2004 3:54:04 PM  
  This was the first place that we stepped off into the lifestyle at. Larry and his group are really great people and they are always so attenative to the guests. We would reccomend this club to anyone. While we were there (which has been a while ago) the club was pretty basic and not alot of frills but the staff and clientel there made up for anything that it might be lacking. We really like this place and if it wasnt so far from us, we would go more often.


Title: Friends Date:7/20/2004 1:58:50 PM  
  Anytime I talk w/ newbies from the Central Texas area - I encourage them to try out Friends. I have been there many times and every time have had a great time.
There are no cliches and those of us who are no longer in our slim/trim 20's feel at home too.
Great place.



Title: GREAT PLACE!! Date:3/13/2004 3:16:59 PM  
  This club was the first that we stepped out into the lifestyle at. Larry made us feel right at home and we knew immediately, "we were with friends" The staff for this club is all about the sexy and all about the women. The clientel there has been nothing but respectful and caring for everyone. the games are great and the music is great. Take the time to check this place out. You willnot be dissapointed
Peace.....cpl4funzies (aka, Brad and Donna)



Title: A Great Club to Meet People! Date:3/11/2004 3:49:08 PM  
  Friends in Austin is a very nice club with a great atmosphere. The members are very friendly and as a result there are no hidden "cliques" or "in crowd" concepts that newcomers have to deal with. We say this becuase we were welcomed by everyone when we went there for the first time. The owner (Larry) is a very nice person and very personable. Good music, fun people, and plenty of places to sit and enjoy the fun if you don't feel like dancing.

Submitted by FUNCPL15 from Swingersdateclub.

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Austin Friends / The FRIENDS Club OLD clubAustin Friends / The FRIENDS Club OLD club
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Austin Friends / The FRIENDS Club OLD clubAustin Friends / The FRIENDS Club OLD club
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Austin Friends / The FRIENDS Club OLD clubAustin Friends / The FRIENDS Club OLD club
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