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Near Heathrow

Staines , uk






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Club Rating
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Reviews 34

Club Details

Club Size
20000 square feet
Max. Occupancy 250 people
Playroom Occupancy 250 people
Alcohol Sold BYOB
Food Available
On premise sex allowed Yes
Dance Floor Yes
Fetish Room/Area Yes
Outside Area Yes
Massage Area Yes
Sauna Yes
Jacuzzi Yes
Swimming Pool Yes
Smoking Allowed
in smoking area only
Private Rooms Yes
Private Locker Yes

Operating Time and Entrance fees:

  Open-Close Couples Single Females Single Males
Monday 6pm-12am 30GBP 10GBP 40GBP
Tuesday 6pm-12am 30GBP 10GBP 40GBP
Wednesday 6pm-12am 30GBP 10GBP 40GBP
Thursday Closed N/A N/A N/A
Friday 10pm-3am 30GBP 10GBP 60GBP
Saturday 10pm-3am 50GBP 10GBP N/A
Sunday Closed N/A N/A N/A

Membership Fees:
Membership fee
All on production of two proofs of ID per person

SDC members discount/benefits:
50% off membership fee on SDC party nights only

Hotel recommendations:
Terminal 5 Heathrow Travelodge
Staines Travelodge
Arora Park in Colnbrook
Runnymede Spa Hotel

AbFabParties Description

A total erotic experience ... AbFabParties is Britain's premier house-party venue. We provide a sophisticated, relaxed atmosphere where discretion is assured. This makes our venue particularly popular amongst those just beginning to explore their boundaries. Our unrivaled play space has a wide range of facilities: sinful cinema, meet and mingle dance area where free soft drinks are available, and both private and open play rooms.

There is also a separate 10,000 sq ft fully equipped dungeon area with eight rooms and additional play and display areas. Rooms include erotic TV room, spectacular spider's web room, exotic harem room, cage room, sexy love-swing room, dark room and much, much more!

Our erotic parties are hosted in the fabulous facilities at Kestrel Hydro naturist spa. Our guests can delight in a tropical-temperature swimming pool and both indoor and outdoor hot tubs, sauna and changing rooms. In addition, there is extensive off-road parking available at no extra cost.

We currently hold Couples-only parties every Saturday, and Couples, Single Guys and Single Ladies parties every Friday. Guests MUST book online to attend our Friday and Saturday night events.

We now also have a weekly Bi-Night on Monday evenings and twice-weekly Clothing-Optional Naturist Spa parties on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Men, women and couples are welcome to both these events, and it is not necessary to book online for our Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night parties.

Single Ladies are welcome at all our parties.


LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP - We are offering all SDC members a 50% DISCOUNT ON LIFETIME REGISTRATION (when booking online and paying with cash on the door on arrival). To obtain your discount, you will need to book online by visiting our website. Please give the party hosts your SDC profile name on arrival. Please also bring along 2 PROOFS OF ID to the party on your first visit.

Entry contribution for our Joint SDC Party on the 3rd Saturday of the month -

1. Cash – Book online and pay cash on the door on arrival-Couples £50 / Single Ladies £10

2. Pay online – Book online and book with a debit / credit card in advance (TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE)-Couples £45 / Single Ladies £10

AbFabParties Reviews:  

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Title: Kestrel AbFabParties Date:1/21/2018 5:05:42 PM  
  Not bad. A tad over priced. Could introduce a snack bar like Eureka and Silverleigh but never mind. Valentine's day falls on a Wednesday this year so wondered if they're having a Valentines theme the weekend before or after?
  Rating: 7


Title: Kestrel AbFabParties Date:1/11/2018 3:19:14 PM  
  Over rated and over priced with hard leather mattresses. Average. Though Bristol Gardens is a lot better and better value for money. Too many mudsharks at Adfabs. Plus Kestrels Adfabs should introduce a snack bar instead if guests having to haul their own food in .
  Rating: 6


Title: Abfabs and Kestrel Date:1/11/2018 2:01:15 AM  
  Over priced in our opinion. Comfortable in some areas. Though the cabins and the dungeon can be cold, even in summer. Loos can do with air fresheners in them. And for what you pay, provide flip flops free of charge. The tea coffee hut with the fridges is good though the entrance of the tea hut at the top of the door frame can be felted of to prevent people hitting their heads.
  Rating: 6


Title: Sleazy Date:1/10/2018 12:48:19 PM  
  If you don't mind seeing blondes etc being shagged by ugly old men and pavement apes, this is the place to be.
  Rating: 5


Title: Wife of us was welcomed for her 1st swing club outside Japan Date:10/23/2016 11:32:13 AM  
  Nao, wife of us visited UK for her holidays and she visited the club on September 2 for her 1st experience outside of Japan. Before entering the club, she was a bit scared as her English is not perfect. However, the club stuff welcomed her and experienced all information she needed, and also participants of the club also welcomed her. So, she could enjoy naked swiming and jacuzzing, and had good times in dungeons with males. As the place is not so far from the Heathrow Airport, so she may visit the club again when she has chance to visit UK again!
  Rating: 10


Title: Amazing first time experience!! Date:7/25/2016 7:12:09 PM  
  We went as a couple on 22/07/2016. My wife wanted to explore her bi side.
We were welcome by a charming lady. Place was full of real swingers. We have been to few other places so now I know if there is a pro lady with someone. Cinema was what we liked most. Fantastic swimming pool. We could see real swinging.
We played with each other for some time and then came a couple. Without talking in minutes she started playing with my already wet wife. For her its was a fantasy to be sucked by another female and both boobs by two men. Very erotic experience. We loved it and will be back again..

  Rating: 7


Title: FABULOUS Date:1/16/2016 1:18:27 AM  
  We have visited AbFabs on a number of occasions and have always had a great time. The staff are always friendly and courteous and the people are great fun. The highlights are endless but swimming naked on a hot summer night was truly liberating and having an orgy with a group of people in one of the playrooms was breathtaking. The owner continues to innovate and introduce new and exciting items to the Club; the latest a box in the dungeon kept us entertained for hours. Highly recommended.
  Rating: 10


Title: Reviews! Date:1/18/2015 8:19:48 AM  
  LOLing at some of the reviews on here!
What do you expect from a venue, Buckingham Palace? Get over yourselves. Swinging is about meeting people. Not nitty gritty details, whinging on.... Name somewhere better for £50 in the South!
Abfabs is a great, spacious venue. Loads of rooms, inc Cinema room. Pool. Great 'fetish' stable complex. Blah blah, check he website.
Lovely people, you do need to make an effort to talk to people, those who use the word 'clicky'.
An evening out is only what you make it. Have fun.

  Rating: 10


Title: Interesting Location Date:8/17/2014 7:39:16 AM  
  Visited abfab recently. Very difficult to find, unsignposted with the car park behind a bungalow.

We were greeted on arrival by friendly staff on reception. No problems so far. We were then shown around by a very large doorman. He seemed nice but not the best client facing person, he just sort of said you can have sex here, don't drop condoms on the floor and then referred to other areas as "sex sheds" - they were in fairness garden sheds with beds in them. But overall not very sexy introduction to the club.

Anyway, when you enter, you come via the main house or bungalow really, where there is a small bar area and large fridge, and free soft drinks on tap which is great. Bring your own booze - no problem. And then a large communal area with soft furnishings referred to as the exhibitionist room. Smokers are very well catered for too.

Outside this area, you enter a large tented area with a pool and jacuzzi. Unfortunately, this just had a radio playing and there was no music around the jacuzzi at all. Not very sexy. Walk down the tunnel, and you come to a large barn referred to as the dungeon. This had a lot of rooms and sexy things to do such as sex swings, cages, restraints etc. But there were a lot of fully clothed people hanging around in this room, waiting for someone to do something and hardly any action other than the odd fingering here and there. In my opinion the lighting could have been much darker - especially in the swing room which was really bright - and this should be an enforced naked/towels only area. This would have got things heated up really quickly and encouraged everyone to just get involved.

Overall the venue was good, large, very clean, smells nice and comfortable and well thought out in terms of needs being catered for.

But for us, we didn't really get off in there. On the night we were there, despite the well thought out venue, there were ONLY a few couples who were not really overweight, and some older gents who had clearly turned up with young hookers. Although the ladies tried to be sexy, some looked like they'd just taken off their dinner lady tabbard and stuffed themselves into a dress 4 sizes too small. This just immediately killed our mood. We dont particularly care about looks, but people that dont care about their own bodies/appearance at all is a big turn off for us. However it is appreciated that this may not be an issue for a lot of people.

Overall, nice friendly venue, lots to do in there but clientelle for us was lacking.

  Rating: 6


Title: Sat 17th Nov Date:11/19/2012 6:23:31 PM  
  As Newbies we went ith some trepidation to Abfabs.

However it was a welcoming place, with no pressure to do anything and we were able to walk round and enjoy watching.

Although we didn't play with anyone else, we had a great time and will be back, and will probably join in!


  Rating: 10


Title: Abfab Wednessday 26/Sept/12 Date:9/28/2012 1:20:18 PM  
  If there was a selection between ok and avoid, like need to improve... Then that would be what I choose...
...Did see a really funny couple from this site, who emailed us sometime ago, but was rejected by US, cause they were too funny, might I add this was not the couple we were planning to meet there as they hadn't arrived till late...

This is OUR experience and opinion on this day...

WE decided to go to Kestrel by day and AbFab by night on a Wednesday (26/09/12) it was awful, the guy at the front desk was crude and too familiar and unwelcoming, with a
"if you don't do what i tell you" attitude in front of other members... The staff are suppose to be DISCREET, friendly and professional, WE also found this to be true within the club, when a fully clothed women approach, saying she was staff and could i have a word', and proceeded to tell in front of other members, that my girlfriend who was wearing her bikini top and a towel around her waist, that she cant wear her bikini top as its a naturist place, but was ok to allowed a towel around her body or rap-over or bathrobe, now it doesnt take a genius to workout which looks good on her (naked or in what she had on), WE felt totally embarrassed, all I say in this instant you have to be DISCREET and let US know the rules before hand... Period...
But, having said this the staff on friday and saturday are generally friendly and seems to be helpful; Anyway back to Wednesday to inform the rest of the world...lol... The crowd was a much much older, than what we expected, WE are 20's & my Girlfriend been 19yrs felt so uncomfortable, but as WE had arranged to meet another couple, felt compelled to stay, and the BBQ was nice and was looking forward to seeing the night crowd, but again crowd was too old and very old looking, maybe its just that night... even worse desperately sleazy guys, kept bugging my Girlfriend, seemingly looking to see if they can try there luck with her, if you are trying, at least try to be presentable and appealing, instead of looking like complete social rejects, that you would not give them the time of day on any account...
If your thing is size (size 6 to 12max) then this is NOT the place...
if your thing is young and attractive; then this is definitely NOT the place for you, even though I know beauty is in eye of the beholder...
Most of guys without their female counter part, were try to chat my Gf, i dont mind if its done openly rather than behind my back, i understand that's to be expected in everyday club, but this is a naturist / swinging, so why behave this way, just because the girl is HOT, and worst part is my girlfriend felt totally uncomfortable and very put off...

WE also notice many people walked around the place bare feet went straight into the pool or jacuzzi with their dirty feet or even without showering...
I have been to clubs and swinging resorts all over world and in UK and I can tell you with all certainty, what makes a club are those people who attends it and the staff attitude, no matter good and clean faculties are... the swinging culture and lifestyle in Uk has a very long way to go, compared to those fellow swingers from the rest of the world, who are stylish, smart, respectful friendly and welcoming, nor matter what your age, size, colour, creed or nationality... Does the Truth hurt or does it help to know...

Anyway Try Abfab and form your own opinion...

  Rating: 5


Title: Fun times @ ABFABS Date:6/16/2011 2:59:49 PM  
  My wife and myself have been twice now, as only just started clubbing in UK. Its 'the club' for us. The staff are wonderful & very help full. You have a great choice as to where you play. So we try to get jiggy everywhere we can. We have met some great couples there who we have had great times with. Its an hour drive from Camberwell SE LONDON so not to far. Besides it gives my missus a chance to tease me before we get there. Its so so clean and sanitary. Only one minor fault in our book. Most of the music is 'crap'. If any one from Abs is reading this, please watch how people respond. Do they dance or not? The music is very young peoples music. Try older 80's and further back. You may be suprised how many dance then. We rekon the average age is about 35-40.
But overall we love it. We cant wait to get back. Gonna try the spar soon too. Gonna get naked, swim and then get dirty.
Matt & Niki X

  Rating: 10


Title: AbFabs - superb club - highly recommended Date:5/23/2011 1:05:07 PM  
  We attended AbFabs on Saturday and we certainly were not dissappointed. We had seen loads of positive reviews but you never know till you actually arrive.

We took a taxi from our hotel to the club and were glad we had the directions included in the confirmation email as it took a little while to find. This is because from the road (at night) it just looks like a normal bungalow with no clue at all about the fact it is a club. There is a sign next to the front door that says "Kestrel" - the name of the naturist club that operates during the day.

Entrance is at the back of the property - as is the car park which was already pretty full when we arrived at 21.50. Everyone we spoke to said it was the busiest night they have ever seen at the club but it was still extremely comfortable.

You enter into what looks like a kitchen and there is a long counter where you can sign in and sign up if it is your first visit. This is a very easy process - just remember your photo ID and proof of address. There are small letterbox lockers before you enter the club where you can leave your car keys, phone and any other valuables you don't want to keep with you.

As we were newbies we were given a tour - this is a little embarrasing as you feel like you are on parade to all the regulars but its absolutely necessary as the club is huge and rambles right across the property.

In the main part of the house there is a big lounge area which is great to meet and chat with other couples. Its a great place to play later in the evening as well. In the end we sadly did not manage to meet any of the people we'd chatted to online - now we know the layout of the club we'll probably agree a place and time to get together.

There are two large glass fronted fridges where you can put your drinks. Labels and a pen are provided so you can ensure people know its your bottle. There was plenty of ice all night and it was regularly topped up.

There is an informal disco area with some tables and bar-stool like chairs. There is also a pole for dancing but we did not see anyone on it.

Beyond the lounge area there is a cinema - this is well worth a visit at some point during the evening. The back row is particularly comfortable - a bit like a giant bed. There was plenty going on beyond just watching the films.

Walking back through the house there are lots of playrooms and lockable bedrooms if you need them.

This then takes you outside into what was the garden. There are changing rooms with lockers. The lockers all have two towels you can get undressed and then head to the pool or hot tubs.

There is one hot tub outside which has three "play houses" around it - we had a great time in this hot tub on our own and with another couple. Its a great place to sit, play and watch the world go by (while they can watch you too ;))!

The pool is FANTASTIC. We had an amazing time with another couple here as well. Beautifully warm and loads of space. There is also a hot tub in the pool area.

At the end of the garden (along a covered decked path) are the "stables" - lots of toys down here - swings, a dark room, dungeon style equipment. It was not as busy as we expected but not really our thing so we did not spend too much time down there.

If you are a newbie this club is amazing. A warm welcome, lots of nice people and plenty going on. We felt relaxed very quickly and had an amazing time. It is super clean and although some people are moaning about the cost of visiting from what we hear the money is being reinvested all the time. The staffing is excellent and it feels very safe and friendly.

We're already planning our next visit. Can't wait!!

Berksduo x

  Rating: 10


Title: Abfab friday night Date:4/16/2011 2:53:49 PM  
  we went on a friday night couples and sinfgle guys , lots of couples but single guys were a bit thin on the ground (probably the price 60 quid seems a bit steep to me . anyway had a good night and the clubs facilities are second to none probably the best weve seen . the only thing that let the night down was a ginger woman on reception , really snooty arogant and rude , the woman thinks the sun shines out of her arse , if i owned the place i was sack her without delay , all the rest of the staff were fab .
  Rating: 2


Title: Well...... Date:3/15/2011 4:43:14 PM  
  Things we like:
- Usually a good sized crowd on a couples/fems-only Sat night (the only nights we've attended)
- Plenty of friendly people
- Voyeur lounge is nicely laid out and comfortable
- err, that's it :-)
Things we don't like:
- Dance floor is usually empty, perhaps due to the awful music and no DJ
- Cinema room is, frankly, usually pretty smelly after midnight and not a pleasant place to be (the club should use eucalyptus spray, like they do in some European clubs)
- We're not interested in the swimming pool, sauna or hot tub, so can't comment on those
- Dark room is so dark that one can't see anything at all. Maybe this is the point for some, but we prefer to have a vague idea of who we're touching or being touched by (how about trying a single red bulb as an experiment?)

Overall, for us it doesn't provide an erotic atmosphere. However, with a few small changes it certainly could.

  Rating: 5


Title: Ab Fab Parties Date:9/18/2010 7:32:24 AM  
  Absolutely Fabulous club. Attend most Saturdays. Great friends, very clean and lots of fun
  Rating: 10


Title: Visiting Aussie Swingers Date:8/13/2010 4:13:02 PM  
  On Saturday night (7th August 2010) we decided to give AbFab a try.

We arrived at 10.30 so we could register for the first time and have the "guided tour". The welcome was warm and friendly and our host spent a good 10 minutes showing us around, immediately apparent was the cleanliness, comfort and the care that had gone into the premises.

We had taken a bottle of wine for sweetslut which was labelled with her name and put in the wine cooler. With a glass of wine in hand we walked around and explored a bit more. The old stables were very interesting with each stall being set up for a different play function. We walked back to the main area and looked in on the "movie theatre". There was one couple fucking in the front row and another on the back row. We sat and watched the movie and the action for ten minutes and then decided to go back to the stables.

In one of the stalls there is an excellent spanking/fucking stool on which sweetslut was soon in position and strapped down. With her dress pulled up to her waist and with her position being such that her arse was in the air with her legs spread wide I started to play with her cunt. After five minutes or so I left her in that position and stepped back - It didn't take long before there was quite an audience looking at her beautiful shapely bum exposed for all to see. I reverted to playing with her and soon was joined by a couple, she with a shiny silver dress from which she pulled out her tits, they also started to play with sweetslut's cunt while I had the opportunity to finger silver dresses' - soon a very pretty young girl (Russian) started kissing sweetslut while stroking her back - after sweetslut had cum all departed with the young girl asking us to look for her later.

We went back to the main area and sweetslut had another wine when finished we wandered into a room where a very attractive girl was being licked by her partner. I suggested that sweetslut get involved and she started kissing the girl, soon sweetslut was licking her cunt and the girls partner was giving sweetslut a brief fucking. While watching this action a Jamaican lady standing beside me said "Could I please suck your cock Sir?" to which I replied later would be better.

Moving back into the main area we found the Russian girl and her partner. He told me that the girl had never been with a woman and it was something she wanted to do, we went back to the stable area and all four of us got into a large "cage". sweetslut started making out with the Russian girl and made her cum then the Russian girl started licking sweetslut and succeeded in bring her to orgasm. While this was going on the Jamaican lady came into the cage and gave me a very good blow job. sweetslut and I then went to the next room and I used the fucking/spanking stool to fuck her until I came.

By now it was 2.20 am and we were thinking of going but there was a glass of wine left in the bottle so I poured it for sweetslut and we went to sit in the main sitting area. There was a lot of action going on with 3 couples enjoying various sexual activities on a large round ottoman in the centre of the room and several groups enjoying themselves on the sofas around the edge of the room. An Indian man and a fairly voluptuous attractive lady sat next to us, the lady (Olga) was soon sitting on her partners lap rocking back and forth she started to stroke sweetslut’s leg and it was not long before she was playing with her cunt. Olga repositioned herself so she was sitting on my armrest and playing with my cock while I fingered her cunt, the Indian was concentrating on sweetslut soon Olga was licking sweetslut's cunt while handling my cock; then it was all change and she was giving me a blow job - then it was 3.00 clock and time was called.

Was this a good evening?

We would thoroughly recommend AbFab as a very good swingers club full of people who play (rather than those clubs full of lookers).

We are on sdc.com as "ROLIANDSLUT" and on Adultfriendfinder as "slutcpl1000" would love to hear from any of the people we met and anyone visiting Adelaide (Australia)

  Rating: 9


Title: Absolutely Fabulous Date:7/11/2010 3:50:56 AM  
  If you're ever in London, you should try Ab Fab. This classy club has couples and singles events every Friday and couples-only events on Saturdays. It's in a large home with out buildings and an impressive variety of private, semi-public, and public play spaces. There's an indoor/outdoor pool, jacuzzi, specialty rooms (dungeon, dark room, movie theater, etc.) and a very nice crowd the night we were there.

It's a bit of a drive out of the city toward Heathrow and relatively easy to get to on the Piccadilly Line to the airport, but if you play late (which of course you will want to do), it's a hassle getting back into town because the trains stop running. So you may want to spend the night at a local hotel. But it's well worth the hassle.

  Rating: 10


Title: First time Date:4/20/2010 3:31:35 AM  
  Having never been to a swingers club before, we read through the reviews of a few clubs and Abfabs was the one that appealed the most.
We were nervous about what to expect as we had never done this before, but as soon as we arrived we were made to feel comfortable, there was no pressure from anyone to do anything, we spent some of the time when we first arrived just watching others play and taking in the atmosphere, we then decided to go to the cinema room, where we both got very turned on and into the 'swing' of things,before we knew it we were getting very intimate with another couple, and had the most amazing experience.
If you are going to a club for the first time i would 100% recommend Abfabs to get you onto the scene, we will definatly be going back to meet and play with some more lovely people.

  Rating: 8


Title: AbFab night Date:2/9/2010 8:19:52 AM  

Oh my God! What can we say? We visited on Saturday the 30th May and what a most memorable fantastic evening we had. We started off by touring the premises to see what was going on. We stopped in the cinema and watched a few couples getting rather friendly with each other and did not even see what was on the screen as it was like being in your own real erotic movie. My partner was getting very excited just watching - she commented about the place saying its like being in another world where everyone just relaxes and forgets all the problems going on in the outside world. It's great. We then decided to go to the dark room in the dungeon area which was the first time we had been there. My partner and me sat down and started straining our eyes to see what was going on but could see nothing After about 10mins, a couple sat next to us and started touching my partners leg. She whispered in my ear that the guy next to her was getting brave. This progressed over the next hour to a wonderful experience had by all. After the dark room, we decided to explore again and the experiences kept happening back in the cinema, the lounge area and the dark room again. We were there for just over 4 hours and met some wonderful people that evening, What a great club and we will be back very soon. My partner and I are still excited and can't stop thinking about it. It was like a dream come true. Thank you to all the organisers . Regards G and S xx"

  Rating: 10


Title: An Afternoon at the Spa Date:7/29/2009 4:07:45 AM  
  An Afternoon at the Spa

Wow! I have just spent the most perfect afternoon.

The lovely L and I had planned to go to a ‘Naturist Spa’ in North London for the afternoon but, faced with the prospect of a wasted hour of travel in each direction, I googled ‘naturist spa London’. The very first one that came up was Kestrel Hydro near Heathrow, I checked out their website and it looked okay, especially as there is a garden centre with a coffee shop nearby where we could rendezvous (it is after all a ladies’ privilege to be a little late).

We were so glad that we decided to go there. The place is just perfect - a proper pool with a roof that rolls back when the weather is good, Sunbathing lawn, two Jacuzzis, sauna, massage room, and a number of cabin style play rooms.

We were greeted by M who, having gone through the Day Member admin. stuff, showed us round the facilities (most of them anyway) and explained the strict naturist rules; a towel (supplied) was acceptable and flip-flops more or less essential.

First stop was the Jacuzzi by the pool. The temperature was just right and though there were one or two people around the area, nobody joined us so we were free to enjoy ourselves (and each other). Then into the pool - this was a little cooler than the hot tub but was still perfectly comfortable at 40 degrees. We swam a bit, but mostly we just stayed very close with lots of kissing and cuddling - which one of the guys watching evidently found enjoyable. We thought it better to go to one of the cabins at this point.

First decision - which sign to put on the door? ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Please Join Us’? As it was our first time there we opted for the former (another time, well ….. who knows?) The cabin was a good size with a large bed area at just the right height, if you know what I mean [?]. The mattress surface was a vinyl type fabric which was easy to spray clean and wipe dry (spray and wipes provided).

We eventually emerged from the cabin and, in need of fluids, made ourselves coffee in the ‘refreshments hut’. We took our drinks to some tables where a small group of members were sat and introduced ourselves. While we were chatting about this, that, and the other [?], M joined us bearing a large chocolate cake – it seems that it was his birthday.

Coffee and cakes consumed, we all climbed into the second hot tub, which was very cosy and extremely enjoyable. This is what we really loved about the place. It is so natural, relaxed and sociable. Inevitably there was lots of suggestion and innuendo but that’s as far as it went.

“Have you looked at The Stables yet?”, someone had asked while we were sharing the hot tub.

“The Stables? No, where/what are they? “

It turned out this was the feature that M hadn’t shown us on our initial walk round and that, though they may once have been stables, they are now a superbly equipped and very spacious dungeon. I could be wrong, but some of the equipment in there looked as if it had been supplied by Malcolm at ‘Dungeons4Hire’ in Walthamstow. The Spiders Web in particular is just like the one that was there when I worked with Mouse and BeeBee. Unfortunately we were running out of time, so we agreed that The Stables potential was something to be explored more thoroughly at our next visit - especially the ‘love swings’ and hopefully, I can persuade M to let me use it as a set for a future shoot.

Having committed ourselves to a return visit,that left us just one thing to do before we left. We converted our Day Pass to Full Membership …….. So watch this space, You can be sure that we will be visiting Kestrel Hydro again.

  Rating: 10


Title: Good club Date:7/22/2009 9:05:39 AM  
  This was a good club for swingers to join and get joy and fun
  Rating: 10


Title: Is there a better club ? Date:4/20/2009 8:33:00 PM  
  We visited AbFabs for our third time on Sat 18th April'09, and what can we say ? This place is superb: clean, beautifully equipped, fun to be at and really great staff who obviously enjoy their work !

We always meet great people, make good friends and have some amazing sex !

Hopefully next time we'll have the courage to use the bed in the chill-out room, but otherwise we never have a problem with so many great places to have our fun together and with others.

Highly recommended to all couples of any experience ...

Rob & Gill, Oxfordshire

  Rating: 10


Title: Average Date:3/12/2009 6:40:31 PM  
  We went to AbFabs and although it has good facilites, we would rate it as average but depends what you want from a Swingers Club.

We would definitely try other clubs as there is so much more out there.

Thank You

  Rating: 5


Title: Amazing night Date:3/5/2009 6:38:51 AM  
  After many disapointments on the swinging scene, my partner and I decided to try a club and after a lot of research as our time in the UK was limited we choose AbFab.What can I say..an amazing night, really friendly welcoming staff, we were shown around and put at our ease, great enviroment, very clean. We had a drink and very quickly got a know a few more couples and before we knew it were having sex , such an experience!! We drew quite a crowd. The dungeons are really worth a visit and one of my fantasies was to use a swing, I wasn't disappointed.
We were one of the last to leave, we made some wonderful like minded friends and are now planning our next trip to UK, with a trip to Ab Fab as part of our intinery.

  Rating: 10


Title: really impressed! Date:3/2/2009 11:58:43 AM  
  Wow, what can we say - exceeded all our expectations! As complete newbies to not just Ab Fab, but to the whole swinging scene, we went to an Intro Evening & loved the place. Saturday 2nd was our first official visit.We started just watching people as we sipped our bubbly - we were well mpressed by how many hot couples there were. Every 20 mins or so we did a quick tour around to see what was happening. We chatted to some really friendly people who put us at ease. We also met S (gorgeous Italian) and her lovely French boyfriend, P -we would love to share a private room with you both! We went in to the Cinema Room and were amazed by the action going on. We ended up having our first 'public' sex in there! As the evening wore on and inhibitions disappeared, we saw some great play action - a young couple giving some greatdisplays of very vocal sex on the bed in the Chill Out Lounge. An attractive 4 some on the beds next to the Mirror Room; seeing a sexy young woman with 2 guys sucking her *******, while another sexy woman icked her ***** was better than any film! We had more great sex amongst other couples in the 'Arabian Room' in the Stables before enjoying a laid back swim & sauna. We rounded off the evening chatting with another couple while observing further group action in the Chill Lounge. So if you are a Couple thinking of dipping your toe in the swinging scene, then we cannot recommend Ab Fab highly enough. Great venue, great people, no pressure to take part if you want to just watch and such a sexually charged atmosphere you will have great sex for weeks after on just the memories! We only played with each other on our first time (that was a big step to do in public, but it felt so good!). Next time we looking forwardto play with others - we loved the idea of having other hands touchand play with us while we enjoyed each other and returning the favour. My wife also really keen to explore her bi side as so many hot female bodies there. So if there are any ladies out there who want to 'pop her lesbian cherry', then she looks forward to meeting them! We are looking forward to 'coming again' . Cannot wait!!! R & M (Oxfordshire)
  Rating: 10


Title: Pool delights! Date:3/2/2009 5:02:56 AM  
  Dear AbFabs

What can we say? wWat a truly amazing place. This was our first time at any swingers' event, and after hours of research, we choose your venue over two others more local to us as it appeared you offered a no hassle and friendly enviroment and we are pleased to say we were not dissapointed.

Swimming will never seem the same again at our local pool!

We can now truly say that we have entered the Swinging World and we cannot wait to come back to Abfabs.

Love & Best Wishes

Jason & Jenny xxxx

  Rating: 10


Title: Pusskat Date:2/25/2009 10:43:19 AM  
  Great place. Always an AbFab evening. Saturdays are a joy with plenty of lovely couples, We'll be popping along on a Friday soon enough. Friendly staff and wonderfully clean well appointed facilities. The best club we have attended by far.
  Rating: 10


Title: laura68 Date:2/25/2009 10:42:14 AM  
  If you don't make the effort to get along to Abs then your crazy !!..I go on my own and have always felt safe and always get a friendly welcome....The venue and facilities are second to none..Having tried others myself....I am sure once tried you will never look back...See you all there...xxx

  Rating: 10


Title: Grant1980 Date:2/25/2009 10:41:30 AM  
  loved the place, sadly i havent been there for over 2 years, due to getting involved with a girl who isnt into the whole scene. will go back when an oppotunity arises again

  Rating: 8


Title: Alex'n'Nigel Date:2/25/2009 10:40:43 AM  
  best club top times !
  Rating: 10


Title: Great place to start! Date:2/25/2009 10:39:58 AM  
  Been a few times now, first club we had ever been to as "novices". Abfabs is clean and run by very nice people and there is no pressure at anytime to do anything you dont want to.
  Rating: 10


Title: Chrisnlou Date:2/25/2009 10:39:02 AM  
  loved the place it was our first time ever at a club and from the time we walked in the staff were so nice and friendly it made us feel at ease. we had a very good nite and loved the place very clean and everyone there was very nice. we will be going back we fell in love with the place. you should def try this club

  Rating: 8


Title: BnG69 Date:2/25/2009 10:38:22 AM  
  Great Club fantastic friendly staff......we have never had a bad night and highly recommend you try this place, great for newbies as well as old hands.
  Rating: 9
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